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Where is the international money flowing?

Those of us that track the fortunes of UK house prices know very well that the music stopped in Prime Central London in the summer of 2014. A raft of legislation that included changes to CGT for overseas investment and increases in SDLT initially dampened the market; then along came Brexit, and with it the uncertainties surrounding London’s future as a global financial centre. The chart above highlights the fortunes of Prime Central London residential property against the Amsterdam market.... Read More >

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Graph showing divergence in the performance of the UK property market by region Divergence in the performance of the UK property market
Many of you will be aware that the Prime Central London residential property market has been falling since June 2014. I know this better than most because I compile a quarterly index that measures the performance of both Prime Central London Read More >
Disposable income: a leading indicator for house price trends? Our team of Cambridge University academics look at a key statistic
The chart suggests that the housing market boom since 2013 has not been the result of the low interest rates; instead, real income growth might be a key driver. Our analysis leads us to conclude that real interest rates don't seem to influence Read More >


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