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Oxford colleges and their estates over seven centuries: part 2

Above: Extract for the 1680s from a register recording the payments of entry fines to University College, Oxford © The Master and Fellows of University College, Oxford Read part 1 of this series In the early sixteenth century Oxford colleges, like many landowners in England, faced a comparatively new challenge: the 16th century was a period of unpredecented inflation. The incomes of many colleges remained unchanged at this time: these bare figures might suggest that all was well, but... Read More >

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The opening of the account roll of University College, Oxford, for 1383/4 Oxford colleges and their estates over seven centuries: part 1 How the colleges of Oxford managed their finances pre-1500
Above: The opening of the account roll of University College, Oxford, for 1383-4 © The Master and Fellows of University College, Oxford Few organisations, apart from cathedrals, can rival Oxford and Cambridge colleges for the length and Read More >
Cranes and buildings in construction silhouetted against sunset Historical patterns of housing tenure The context for the recent government housebuilding announcement
In a conscious echo of Harold Macmillan who oversaw the construction of more than 300,000 mostly local authority houses in 1953, the Prime Minister recently announced that her government is ‘getting back into the business of building houses’ Read More >
South east UK displayed on map Geographies of housing development The case of the interwar housing market
The interwar period witnessed an outstanding period of housing development - about 1.4 million houses were completed of which 865,000 or 62% were new dwellings in rural England and Wales. Amongst a wide range of factors supporting this boom, Read More >
Monopoly houses balanced on one pound coins Building the way out of the Great Depression How the rise of building societies in the UK contributed to economic recovery
The interwar period in Britain oversaw the boom in the housing sector which resulted in the construction of a significant three million houses. In my previous article I explained how it is this boom which, amongst other factors, has been Read More >
Blurred photograph of crowds walking through London The story of the secondary banking crisis 1973-1975 Duncan Needham, Director of the Centre for Financial History at the University of Cambridge, considers an oft-neglected episode of economic history
In 2008, financial institutions across the globe were engulfed by waves emanating from an over-extended US property sector. The problems surfaced in the ‘shadow’ banking sector, where much of the exposure to the US sub-prime housing market Read More >
Vintage photograph of a stately home in the countryside The UK housing market in the interwar years: what can we learn? An historical look at how a housing boom rejuvenated the economy
Housing, an essential human need, forms a key sector of the economy. It forms a crucial component of investment and in many countries, makes up a large component of overall wealth. Taking the case of the United States, Zhu (2014) noted that real Read More >
Businessmen walking across a bridge The History Man: an introduction My career so far, from trading derivatives to academia
After graduating from the London School of Economics in 1994 with a degree in Government and History, I spent three years with Credit Suisse Financial Products in London and Tokyo before studying Shipping, Trade and Finance for a year at business Read More >


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