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When the tap on the shoulder came what would our undergraduate Proprietor decide? Confession: I am an addict. If an author gets inside my head, I want to read everything by them immediately. Initial hit accomplished, I return regularly for smaller fixes. Over the years I have mainlined on Graham Greene, Nick Hornby, George Orwell, Clive James, A.J.P. Taylor, Hugh Trevor-Roper, Robert Caro, Raymond Chandler, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Evelyn Waugh, P.G. Wodehouse and many more. But there are two authors... Read More >

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In our summer 2020 special I was bullish for June 2021, and I still think that by the time of our next quarterly, in spring 2021, we will be at the foothills of a two year mini-boom in property values driven by increased global allocations to Read More >

This article was originally published in October 2020. Artificial pitches help small clubs bring in revenue and foster community football. Why must they tear them up to get promoted? After the recent National League play-offs, Harrogate Read More >

It’s time to drop the material uncertainty clause for most property valuations – the market has largely adapted to covid now. In late October 2020, I was presenting a paper at an international Zoom conference and suggesting that, even in Read More >

The startling tale of how a lorry-driving conman extracted £1m from a property mogul as a down payment on a top London hotel. To grasp how a bankrupt 49-year-old Yorkshire lorry driver induced a respectable Dutch property mogul to part with Read More >

Only in the make-believe world of analytical models can negative nominal interest rates be argued to do any real good. Last October, Andrew Bailey, governor of the Bank of England, ordered UK commercial banks to demonstrate their preparedness Read More >

This article was originally published in September 2020. Walter… In 2010 our small fund management business received a call. It was Jason, numbers man to Walter Kwok, the biggest real estate developer/owner – and the richest man – in Read More >

If you plan to play the REITs game next year, here’s what you need to know. “Bad News for REIT Investors” … “Negative Ratings Bias Rises as North American REITs Confront Effects of Covid-19” … “From Bad to Worse for REITs” Read More >

Each one of these trends is underpinned by a higher weighting afforded to individual needs, preferences and experiences – meaning that real estate developers and landlords can no longer take a cookie-cutter Read More >

The likes of LA, London and Mumbai are being challenged as consumer appetites becomes more global. Media cities are hubs of creativity where films, television, and music are produced, edited, and consumed. A new analysis by Savills of media Read More >

In the second of 12 episodes telling the story of his life in property, Oliver Ash recalls how Parisian geography got him all hot and bothered on the way to a job interview. This article was originally published in October 2019. Sometime Read More >

As the pandemic disrupted life around the globe, nearly everyone’s routine changed, including the way we communicate with one another and how we send and receive data. With an abrupt shift in the way we work, and a dramatic increase of data Read More >

One of the loudest and most frequent defences of WFH (aka working from home) is that it is perfectly viable in this ultra tech-age. Perfectly viable that co-workers can connect without being practically conjoined in an office setting. Let me be Read More >

There’s one question above all that, in the real estate industry, we are constantly asked: ‘Is now a good time to put money into property?’ The consensus is, despite the uncertain environment, residential property in particular is still Read More >

Globally, we watch millions of hours of content daily. Much of that content emanates from North America’s media industry, taking shape on sound stages across the United States and Canada. Sound stages have often been overlooked in Read More >

Assessing value is no easy task, even in normal times. But we believe that assessing the relative value of commercial property against a range of alternative asset classes, including government and corporate bonds, and equities, is a useful Read More >


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