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Divergence in the performance of the UK property market

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Graph showing divergence in the performance of the UK property market by region

Many of you will be aware that the Prime Central London residential property market has been falling since June 2014. I know this better than most because I compile a quarterly index that measures the performance of both Prime Central London residential prices, as well as “Emerging” Prime Central London residential prices (an area of south and west London that abuts prime that investors now treat as a satellite of Prime).

On the chart below you will note that whilst the Prime and Emerging Prime areas of London have fallen over the last three years, the areas moving out of Central London have actually been rising.

The data used for the chart is taken from the Nationwide regional quarterly house price index; special mention should be made of the fact that their definition of “London” encompasses the weak Prime Central region – which means that the capital’s suburbs must have performed extraordinarily well to produce the number (+19.57%) below.

Chart Spotlight

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Andrew Monteath

Andrew Monteath is Head of Research & Marketing at D&GAM. He has 18 years' experience in the City with Credit Lyonnais, Nikko Europe, Williams de Broe and Evolution Group. He is a specialist in residential real estate and holds an MPhil in Real Estate Finance from the University of Cambridge.

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