Real estate, alternative real assets and other diversions

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The latest issue is packed with brilliant articles including:

  • Is the real estate cycle dead?
    • Peter Bill: Watch the FTSE 
    • Jonathan Ruffer: It can’t last 
    • Peter Warburton: Watch the credit markets 
    • James Roberts: 2020 – a big year for the bulls 
    • Richard Barkham: No threats visible
  • Bill Blain, David Smith & Gavriel Merkado on why investors should fear, not thank, central banks
  • The Big Interview with Guy Barnard & Alan Carter
  • Our Property Chronicle Professors:
    • Moss & French on new valuation models
    • Miller on banning Airbnb
    • Moverley on the future of UK farming
  • Follow the money – what top investors are thinking:
    • Andrew Jones, Manish Chande, Alexander Chartres, John Kingham & Philippe Le Trung
  • Plus:
    • Simon Silver on his Chicago beauty
    • Oliver Ash on the madness of football clubs
    • Martin Hole’s ode to animal farms and soup
  • And much, much more…

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