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The latest edition features:

  • The Long Con – Bill’s exclusive new series on classic real estate cons? First up: Punting on the Ritz
  • LBJ, JFK, Ecclesiastes, terrible tv ads and coffee bags… Our Proprietor’s 2020
  • A world of change Bill Blain rewrites the investment rulebook while James Roberts names the top trends for 2021
  • Negative nominal interest rates? Get real! scoffs Peter Warburton
  • Not so little women Tehreem Husain unlocks the historical role of female capital 
  • Working hypotheses Savvas Savouri says unemployment ain’t gonna happen, while Andrew Phipps asks if university is worth it
  • The investor activists are at the gate What Philippe Le Trung overheard on the road
  • Investors in distress Michael Shaoul on why the bottom of this cycle is a bust for bargain-hunters 


  • How to play at REITs
  • Why the quadrant model works
  • New retail leasing models
  • The debt funding gap

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