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Macro Ideas – The bullish case for British equities British equities exhibit metrics of investor pessimism

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Brexit, sterling’s fall from grace, the collapse of the London housing bubble and the fractious politics of Theresa May’s Tory government in Westminster has made UK equities a pariah for global asset allocators. British equities exhibit metrics of investor pessimism last seen just after the epic failures of RBS, Lloyds HBOS and, yes, Barclays PLC […]

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Global Investing A study in commercial property, Europe’s financial fault lines and India’s Sensex and Sri Lankan equities

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GCC Focus – Losing and making money in commercial property The sharp rise in US Treasury, British gilt, German Bund and other government bond yields is a disaster for real estate investment trusts (REIT’s) worldwide, including those in the GCC. In the $1.2 trillion US REIT market, prices of REIT’s investing in commercial property segments […]

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