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GCC Focus – Saudi Arabian equities are global winners in 2018! Saudi Arabian equities have become the world’s second best performing stock market in 2018

I had written an article titled “six reasons to be bullish Saudi equities in 2018, published in the KT on January 28. Yet I was surprised to see Saudi Arabian equities become the world’s second best performing stock market in 2018 after Egypt. The Saudi equity index fund (KSA) I recommended in my column is […]

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Market View – The case for profit taking in Indian equities Indian equities still face downside risks even though Dalal Street suffered its first real correction since March

The Sensex and Nifty seem near a cyclical peak though the declines in Indian midcap/smallcap shares have been draconian. There is no doubt in my mind that, after a stellar 2017, investors sentiment in the Indian equities market is at an inflection point in April 2018: The old adage “don’t fight the Fed”, so frequently […]

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Wall Street – The rising LIBOR and the global financial markets All that's affected by the rise in LIBOR

Pocket watch on pile of dollars

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made it clear that his strategy on interest rate hikes will be guided by the real time performance of the US economy, not the estoric econometric models of the central bank’s staff monetary economists. Unlike Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and Janet Yellen, Powell is not an economist but a former […]

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Macro Ideas – The bullish case for British equities British equities exhibit metrics of investor pessimism

Tug of war with hands pulling rope in opposite directions

Brexit, sterling’s fall from grace, the collapse of the London housing bubble and the fractious politics of Theresa May’s Tory government in Westminster has made UK equities a pariah for global asset allocators. British equities exhibit metrics of investor pessimism last seen just after the epic failures of RBS, Lloyds HBOS and, yes, Barclays PLC […]

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