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Taking the Inside Track England’s major racing scandals

The Professor

Some years ago I was given the responsibility for taking a cache of legal documents from the Wellington offices of Weatherby’s, the administrative arm of British racing, to the British Racing Museum at Newmarket. The material related to one of England’s major racing scandals, the 1844 Derby in which the result of the race was changed some weeks after the race had been run. The ‘winner’ Running Rein was disqualified as it was demonstrated that the horse carrying his name was actually an animal called Maccabeus, but, worse still, was a four-year-old, somewhat of an advantage in a race supposedly restricted to three-year-olds.

The Professor

About Wray Vamplew

Wray Vamplew

Wray Vamplew is Emeritus Professor of Sports History at the University of Stirling and Global Professorial Fellow in the Academy of Sport, University of Edinburgh. Currently he is writing Games People Played, a global history of sport for Reaktion Press and is General Editor for Bloomsbury’s six-volume Cultural History of Sport. He can be contacted at wray.vamplew@ed.ac.uk

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