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Local government must be more than just a branch of Whitehall

Up and down the country people are beginning to worry about the death of local government. Bus services are less frequent, accessing health and social care... Read More >


Investor's Notebook

Smart people from around the world share their thoughts

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The Macro View

The week's financial news and how it connects across all asset classes

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Fintech, proptech and what it all means

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A sideways look at the world of wine

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The Fund Manager

Real money - the capital allocators

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The Architect

Some of the profession's best minds

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The Auctioneer

What's going on in the auction world

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Residential Investor

Making money from residential property investment

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Diary of a Travelling Academic

One of the wonderful perks of being an academic is that most of us have the summers “off”. They are not really off, as many of us work hard on our... Read More >

Cities are central to human flourishing

Town versus country may seem like a question of personal preference, but it’s really a matter of human progress. Cities are the engines of human... Read More >

What Does the Government's Living Wage Mean for UK Retail?

The July 2015 Budget, the first truly Conservative Budget for 18 years, gave British retailers quite a shock. The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that... Read More >

Singapore REITs - Why, which and when?

What are REITs? REITs are collective investment schemes that invest in a portfolio of income generating real estate assets. The assets of REITs are... Read More >

To solve the cost of living crisis, we must rethink business taxes

Many shops on the high street are struggling to make a profit and business rates are widely identified as one of the main causes of this slump. On Monday,... Read More >

Market View – Barclays, Big Bang and the City of London

Barclays was a traditional, Quaker High Street clearing bank whose roots in Britain and its colonies literally went back centuries. The bank was a... Read More >

The Professor

Analysis and opinion from the academic sphere

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Face to Face

In-depth interviews with leading figures in the property world

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The Headhunter

Recruitment and career moves

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The Analyst

Investment themes and trends

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The History Man

A look back at previous cycles, events, characters

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The Economist

Money, rates and prices

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The Agent

Reflections on estate agency, today and in past times

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Political Insider

The inside scoop on Westminster and Whitehall

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Latest Articles

Social Value: “Force for Good - Or the Emperor’s New Clothes?”

Worrisomely, I have been somewhat conflicted over the past few weeks. Academically and philosophically, I am engrossed in conjuring up a Keynote Address for... Read More >

Under Sánchez, Spain looks set for a slippery slope to economic decline

Politics is the art of spending regardless of whether there is money to do so. This seems to be the motto of Pedro Sánchez, the new prime minister of... Read More >

The true wonders of the world were built by market forces

The pyramids of Egypt are astonishing feats of human engineering. The Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure in the world built by man for more... Read More >

It’s time to put Paul the Octopus on the barbecue

Bashing forecasts and forecasting seems to be in vogue lately. Not only have recent years seen a number of political upsets, but the current World Cup has... Read More >

Why the UK’s cost of living is a challenge to free marketeers

Across the world, more than a billion people raised out of poverty. At home, a greater array of goods and services than our grandparents could imagine along... Read More >

Time to dispel the Green Belt myths and get Britain building

If the Government ever wants to solve the housing crisis, they need to step up and dispel the Green Belt myth that has become so entrenched within the... Read More >

Vintage watches: cashing in on time

Since the rotating of shadows around rudimentary sticks planted in the ground, man has had an affinity for plotting the course of time. Different... Read More >

Sorry, but building more houses won’t affect prices

Quick question: if I asked you to lend me £10 and then asked you to pay me for borrowing it from you, you’d think I was mad, right? Well this is... Read More >

'En Primeur' claret - the end of the line?

If the title looks vaguely familiar…well, yes, it is indeed exactly the same ‘headline’ as the last article, where we set the scene for the launch of... Read More >

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