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About The Property Chronicle A unique approach

The Property Chronicle is a global print and online publication delivering a unique perspective on all investments but with a particular emphasis on real estate, direct and listed, and real assets (from infrastructure to wine and race horses). We have contributors from across the world covering specific issues in EMEA, USA and Asia Pacific. But many of our articles have global relevance and apply to all asset classes and geographies. Working with leading investors, analysts, academics and actual operators, The Property Chronicle delivers a considered, and occasionally irreverent, view on the investment world. We go beyond and behind the news.


1. “The Weekly”, a selection of our best articles, is distributed across all our channels, to over 14,000 (June 2020) known individuals who are: senior, buyside, professional and personal investors (Source: PC readership survey January 2020).

2. Selected PC articles are distributed via our social media channels and to member, invitation-only groups of targeted, global real estate and other investors totalling 3.5m.

3. 100-page, full-colour print and PDF quarterly magazine (see the archive of previous editions) distributed to approximately 10,000 made up of subscribers, partners and partners’ chosen recipients.


The Property Chronicle features a selection of high-quality contributions, articles and columns, including:

  • In-depth interviews with leading investors 
  • A macro look at investment markets and asset classes 
  • An insider’s view of the latest Westminster and Whitehall developments 
  • Analysis from leading investors in private equity and the listed markets
  • Interviews and articles by top Fund managers and analysts 
  • Analysis of key statistics 
  • Unique insight from leading academics

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