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Real estate, alternative real assets and other diversions

When I was on honeymoon in Venice, I spotted a pair of Chinese dragons, one chewing a toenail and the other picking its nose. Smart shop, Grand Canal –... Read More >


Investor's Notebook

Smart people from around the world share their thoughts

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The Macro View

Recent financial news and how it connects across all asset classes

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Fintech, proptech and what it all means

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A sideways look at the world of wine

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The Architect

Some of the profession's best minds

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Residential Investor

Making money from residential property investment

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The Professor

Analysis and opinion from the academic sphere

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Face to Face

In-depth interviews with leading figures in the real estate/investment world.

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What's New

It’s time to widen the net. Social changes accelerated by Covid-19 are shaking the property investor community to its core as risks increase from... Read More >

Originally published October 2021. Knowing what to ask is the trick to getting the right answer. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a... Read More >

2022: the year of the sportswash. A city without snow and a state in the desert. Obvious places, really, to hold the Winter Olympics and football... Read More >

It has been said and written with such earnest despair to have become practically axiomatic: 22 will prove a year of acute pressure on household finances... Read More >

Originally published November 2021. An impromptu decision reveals new angles in real estate research. A few years ago, I heard of a survey in... Read More >

FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts (FTSE ST REIT Index) increased slightly from 843.73 to 853.35 (1.14%) compared to the last month's update. Currently... Read More >

The Headhunter

Recruitment and career moves

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The Analyst

Investment themes and trends

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The Historian

A look back at previous cycles, events, characters

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The Economist

Money, rates and prices

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Latest Articles

The country’s declining fertility is an underrated cause of the 20th century’s misfortunes. Britain’s population will soon be in natural... Read More >

Originally published November 2021. Investment opportunity and political conundrum. The past 30 years saw the rise of coastal cities in the... Read More >

It’s been five years since Neil Turner stepped down from a senior real estate position in the City. He’s been spending time writing fiction, enjoying... Read More >

Freedom is a beautiful thing when you’re young, allowing kids who know they should be focused on the perils of global warming to instead be fascinated by... Read More >

In a year-end review of polling and politics, one of America’s leading national pollsters, Scott Rasmussen, says most Americans have higher priorities... Read More >

David Goldman offers an interesting take on the competition between the United States and China for global influence in his latest book, You Will Be... Read More >

And where PRS and PBSA are. Across Europe, residential property is typically an emerging institutional asset class. Although at the national level, as... Read More >

Originally published October 2021. Since Epcot’s inception, millions of tourists have descended upon the theme park famous for its Spaceship Earth... Read More >

Why they beat the rest of the high street as a retail experience. A bone china teapot, a pair of leather brogues, a poetry book, a velvet coat, an... Read More >

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