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Ruffer Investment Review

“I thought you chaps at Ruffer said that you’d never lose money for me – what’s gone wrong?” The weakness in markets reflects the passing of an... Read More >


Investor's Notebook

Smart people from around the world share their thoughts

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The Macro View

Recent financial news and how it connects across all asset classes

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Fintech, proptech and what it all means

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A sideways look at the world of wine

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The Fund Manager

Real money - the capital allocators

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The Architect

Some of the profession's best minds

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The Auctioneer

What's going on in the auction world

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Residential Investor

Making money from residential property investment

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What's New

The View from Berkeley Square

- Global Real Estate Sector robust in 2018 - Fed policy will drive equity markets in 2019, including Real Estate - UK performance hit by Brexit and... Read More >

Millennials — different burdens to bear

It’s popular to group millennials together as one cohesive group and compare like-for-like. But they are a diverse bunch that share as many differences as... Read More >

Making money in a potential CBS-Viacom merger deal!

Merger mania in Wall Street media shares was a profitable theme for me in 2018, particularly since I owned 21st Century Fox shares well before Walt Disney... Read More >

An interview with Philip Churchill

Philip is Founder & Managing Partner of 90 North, a real estate investment manager headquartered in London, with offices in Chicago, Kuala Lumpur and... Read More >

Letter from Washington

President Trump's schedule (EST): 11:30 AM:  Meets with the House Problem Solvers Caucus; 1:00 PM:  Has lunch with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo;... Read More >

Here’s how to have a popular, liberal immigration system after Brexit

Around the time the US Congress debated the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), opinion surveys on the subject showed an... Read More >

The Professor

Analysis and opinion from the academic sphere

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Face to Face

In-depth interviews with leading figures in the property world

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The Headhunter

Recruitment and career moves

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The Analyst

Investment themes and trends

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The History Man

A look back at previous cycles, events, characters

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The Economist

Money, rates and prices

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Political Insider

The inside scoop on Washington, Westminster and Whitehall

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The Agent

Reflections on estate agency, today and in past times

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Latest Articles

How railways helped change the economy of Britain and the consumption habits of its people

The railways made a rapid impact on Britain. It was only in 1830 that inter-city rail travel started with the link between Liverpool and Manchester, but by... Read More >

The Iranians crossing the Channel make me proud to be British

If only we could see it, the Iranians attempting to cross the Channel in small boats are paying us a compliment. They have decided they would rather try to... Read More >

The Entrepreneurship "Tsunami"

Having conducted a number of Strategic Foresight exercises for various universities over the past year, I am shocked and concerned how ill-prepared students... Read More >

The Scorpion #2

The battle between traditional high street agencies and their online competitors rumbles on, in a Goliath versus Goliath sort of way. While city investors... Read More >

What I have been drinking this month...

So, at the risk of stating the obvious, it’s not too bad a time to be a beer-drinker, is it? Yes, of course the likes of Watneys Red Barrel,... Read More >

The latest chapter in this sorry farce should derail HS2

There is a new instalment in the poorly acted farce that is HS2. Today it has been revealed that HS2 may be forced to cut the number of trains it runs each... Read More >


The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Stirling Prize, named after the renowned architect James Stirling, was introduced in 1996 and is presented... Read More >

Proud to be British

It is always a pleasure to come across someone who makes you proud to be British. Baroness Trumpington, who died, aged 96, on 26 November, was one such... Read More >

Auction Watch - November 2018

More than £4bn of residential and commercial property has been sold at in-room auctions across the UK in the past 12 months. Perhaps surprisingly given the... Read More >