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Real estate, alternative real assets and other diversions

The investment drama of a-weighting currency change. I was presented very recently with a piece of investment bank ‘research’ that made a bold... Read More >


Investor's Notebook

Smart people from around the world share their thoughts

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The Macro View

Recent financial news and how it connects across all asset classes

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Fintech, proptech and what it all means

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A sideways look at the world of wine

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The Architect

Some of the profession's best minds

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Residential Investor

Making money from residential property investment

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The Professor

Analysis and opinion from the academic sphere

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Face to Face

In-depth interviews with leading figures in the real estate/investment world.

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What's New

Back in the mists of my own pre-history, I was given the The Big Book of Egypt on an early birthday. It was full of drawings, diagrams and maps of... Read More >

Originally published September 2021. This wine connoisseur gives his informed opinion.  Most wine drinkers would probably plump for those made... Read More >

When a clumsy attempt to muzzle German business journalists backfires. We always get slightly nervous at REFIRE when Germany goes all bullish on the... Read More >

Originally published May 2021. “Vino treba slugu, a ne gospodara” (A vineyard needs a servant, not a master). This old Croatian saying, which has... Read More >

In this fifth chapter of his professional memoirs, to be published in six parts, Oliver Ash recalls how one of the greats of Paris real estate, Miles... Read More >

On 23 October 2019, the Russian Federation organised the Russia-Africa Summit to initiate greater cooperation between Russia and the sovereign states of... Read More >

The Headhunter

Recruitment and career moves

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The Analyst

Investment themes and trends

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The Historian

A look back at previous cycles, events, characters

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The Economist

Money, rates and prices

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Latest Articles

This article was originally published in autumn 2020. Though the smaller format has a shorter shelf life, it provides the benefit of maturing faster –... Read More >

Achieving net zero emissions has a long way to go. Some of the historical events accentuating the recent decade is the threat of pandemics and the... Read More >

Musings from one of America’s foremost commentators. I turned 79 a week ago and I’m quite satisfied with the promotion. I celebrated with lunch with... Read More >

Investors have divided into two camps. Those who believe inflation will subside and the rise in prices will prove temporary, and others who fear we are... Read More >

On Wednesday, I travelled hopefully to COP26 – looking forward to the delights of the LNER high speed, low carbon, full fat English breakfast.  My... Read More >

Former president Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit to block release of speech drafts, call logs and handwritten notes regarding the 6 January Capitol... Read More >

Originally published March 2021. Proptech aims to disrupt in multiple ways, but equity markets may hold a clue to the future. This is the third... Read More >

We must build less. As the built environment takes centre stage at COP26, the scale and urgency of the climate crisis and of the... Read More >

Ignore mediation at your peril. With property disputes, emotions can run high. As my father, who was an architect turned property developer, often used... Read More >

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