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Real estate, alternative real assets and other diversions

The Property Chronicle Magazine

Get exclusive new articles from our roster of brilliant contributors. Each magazine contains 100 pages of insightful articles covering a range of topics from architecture to real estate market trends.

This latest special edition issue is made up of 30 short, personal essays from leading investors and thinkers outlining how they think the world will look this time next year, covering:

  • Real Estate, real & alternative assets
  • Equity markets
  • Politics & macro
  • Plus farming, wine, medicine & the church
  • And much, much more…

+ 12-month forecasts from each contributor

Including contributors from: Alan Carter, Phil Clark, Manish Chande, Alex Moss, Hugh Lenon, Bill Blain, Richard Barkham, Henry Franklin, Robert Stassen, Yolande Barnes, James Roberts, Charles Kingston, Harry Hyman, Alpa Bhakta, John Jay, Simon Wallace, Simon Hall, Emily Norton, Malcolm Frodsham, Richard Pieser, Edward Atkinson, Anand Menon, Mark Roberts, George Baker, Mike Day, Rev Campbell Paget, Dr Michael Criswell, Martin Hole, Tim Green, Charlie Ellingworth & Adrian Pepper.

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