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America heads for home

Head Of Research

US home sales are soaring, and even renters now favour suburban units with ample space for home-working. Should urban landlords be worried?

A growing trend in the US housing market is the search for more space, light and air. It is evidenced by increased US home-buying numbers as well as early indications of the success of inner-suburban multi-family rental communities. In addition, renters and owners are more closely considering how their living space will also function as a home-working space.

Writing from my family vacation home in Montana, I am reminded of the ever-present longing of Americans for ‘wide open spaces’. Have you heard the popular 1940s song ‘Don’t Fence Me In’? Based on a poem by Bob Fletcher, an engineer with the Department of Highways in Helena, Montana, it was co-written with Cole Porter. “Give me land, lots of land,” the lyrics go. “Don’t fence me in!”

Head Of Research

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Pam Boneham is a 30-year veteran of the US institutional real estate investment community, and currently serves as Managing Director and Head of US Real Estate Capital Strategies for Barings, whose real estate platform manages $46bn of debt and equity across the globe.

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