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Asian REITs – monthly update

The Economist

Asia Pacific’s real estate focused stocks outperformed in August, edging ahead of the wider market. This was led by the wider GPR/APREA Composite Listed Real Estate Index, which returned 5.8%, powered mainly by the Australian and Japanese markets. This more than offset the stall on China’s stocks, which remained largely flat after enjoying a strong rally up to July.

The property market has been a major driver in China’s economic recovery, with home sales and investment growing at a robust pace in recent months after coronavirus lockdowns were lifted. While home prices in the region’s largest economy, as tracked by the nation’s statistical body, eked out a 0.6% rise in August from a month earlier, sentiment was stalled by tightening measures aimed at promoting a sustainable market.

Chinese authorities took a step to rein in debt growth, issuing new guidelines on bond issuance, as a strong housing market recovery prompted caution. June’s home prices, which rose at their fastest pace in ten months, have already prompted fresh housing curbs.

The Economist

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Sigrid is the Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA). Based in Singapore, she is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, initiatives and operations of the association across the Asia-Pacific.

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