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Auction Watch – May update Current trends in the auction market

The Auctioneer

After an encouraging start to 2018, it appears that the market has just cooled slightly, as the monthly figures below show falls across every measurable metric.

Lots offered and lots sold were both down by 12% and 17% respectively, whilst the total raised fell £23m to £192m (-11%). Whether it’s just seasonal variance, increasing hesitation amongst buyers due to speculation around interest rate rises or the wider economic climate, the falls are hopefully just an anomaly and do not become a trend.

Notwithstanding the double-digit falls seen last month, the residential market has enjoyed relatively steady growth over the last 6-12 months, as illustrated by the 3% gains shown in lots offered, lots sold and amount raised in the rolling yearly figures.

In contrast, the commercial market has seen volumes reduce over the last 12 months; lots offered has decreased by 8% to 5,413 lots and lots sold by 9% to 4,207 lots. April’s results continued that trend, although it should be noted that the sharp falls can be wholly attributed to variations seen in the catalogues of residential, regional auction houses, as none of the major commercial auctioneers held an auction last month.

The Auctioneer

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Auction Watch is a regular feature looking at the preceding month's auction activity, based on data from David Sandeman of the Essential Information Group.

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