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Blain’s Morning Porridge

The Macro View

“Just do the right thing – whatever it might be…”

In the headlines this morning…

I’ve attached a photo illustrating just what a fantastic weekend it was – but sailing under bright sunny skies wearing a summer jacket in February is freakishly weird. I suppose we should thank Donald Trump and the rest of the climate change deniers, but I dread how we will collectively pay any eventual bill for breaking the planet.

Meanwhile, “She-who-is-now-Mrs-Blain” is very Welsh (her first language), and was suffering something terrible on Sunday after Cymru whipped England. My support for Wales in our local pub might have “strained” some friendships – suggesting where the English can stick that proverbial chariot might have been a tad impolitic.

(Sadly, the joys of the weekend are put into perspective the misery of getting to work on a Monday morning. A frantic scrabble for seats on the train up from Southampton, a red-light delay getting into Waterloo, and then walking to the City because the queue for the Drain is miles long and the Jubilee line is worse.)

Back on Planet Market, the big news is Trump postponing his threatened March 1 tariff hike on Chinese goods. Trade war threats are not over yet – there is still plenty of aggravation on the Tech side and for Huawai in particular – but the Chinese market went stellar on the news. As yet, there is no trade agreement – just Trump being magnanimous! Yet markets are partying..

The Macro View

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Bill Blain

Bill Blain is Strategist for Shard Capital, a leading investment firm. Bill is a well known broadcaster and commentator, with over 30-years experience working for leading investment banks and brokerages at senior levels. He's been closely involved in the growth and development of the global fixed income markets, and pioneered complex financial products including capital, asset-backed securities and private placements. Increasingly, he's involved in the Real and Alternative Assets sector seeking to explain their complexity, how to generate decorrelated returns, and create liquidity in non-listed assets. Bill is a passionate sailor, talentless painter, plays guitar badly, is learning the bagpipes, and built a train-set in his attic.

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