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Books to live by

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Those of you who have followed my LinkedIn posts or been on Zoom calls with me during the pandemic will know that I am an avid book reader. My Napoleonic War military drum bookcase, full of a mix of Waterloo, cricket and college history books, has elicited several kind comments. At the last count I had just over a thousand well-loved books in my library, despite my efforts to give away those I’ve read to others I think might enjoy them. That said, one of the most embarrassing discoveries of the first lockdown was that over half my books are unread. I know this because in a fit of boredom one weekend I actually catalogued them all on the Book Buddy app. Or, rather, I should say they are partly read. I wonder how many of you also buy many more books than you can ever read and get through about 30 pages of one before another ‘must read’ arrives and commands your immediate attention? 

Accordingly, I was delighted when The Property Chronicle invited me to be the resident book reviewer and suggested that I introduce myself by describing five books I love and five books I do not get on with. Given my reluctance to ever speak badly of a book (I am in awe of people who manage to write AND get published – even if the results are not to my taste), I thought I would mention five books I recommend to people entering the investment management industry instead. 

“The book is a monumental achievement that created the modern fantasy genre and invented the concept of integrated world building”

The Economist

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Sabina Reeves is Global Head of Real Assets Research and Global Chief Economist at CBRE Global Investors. She is also an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

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