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The Race for the Next Seattle

(Article originally published Summer 2018) Why agility is key for investors in dealing with new uncertainties Seattle is the only market I’ve ever seen advance from secondary to primary market status. There are a few other secondary cities that are nipping at its heels, led by Austin, Denver and Nashville in the U.S., and Sao Paolo, Brazil and Montreal, Canada in the Americas. Other cities that are clawing their way to the top include Tampa, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Bogota,... Read More >

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Stores are still unbeatable advertisements
Some managers of physical stores are getting paid for online sales too – and landlords want a slice of the action While in Downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I saw a large sign – like an oasis in the desert – for Dunkin’ Donuts Read More >
Reasons to be cheerful about UK employment Labour may paint a gloomy picture of the jobs market, but the stats don't back them up
This morning’s report from the Resolution Foundation on the employment surge since the financial crisis is a healthy rejoinder to those who are pessimistic about the state of the British economy. The Conservatives make great play of their Read More >
Density in cities How will cities cope with an increasing population?
The population of our big cities is projected to increase significantly by 2040. But physical growth is constrained by green belt, and  these boundaries are unlikely to change significantly by 2040, given current political commitments. That Read More >
Business parks A lack of city centre stock will stimulate a new generation of suburban business parks by 2040
Business parks have come a long way since the creation of the B1 office use class in 1987 (Class 4 in Scotland) which allowed office, industrial and research and development premises to shift between uses more freely than ever before, bringing Read More >
Garden cities A new take on an old solution
‘High rents and prices’, ‘foul air’, ‘excessive hours’, ‘closing out of nature’. These phrases might well define some of the urban issues of today, but they were, in fact, written in 1898 by the urban planner Ebenezer Howard to Read More >
Succession planning within family businesses 30% of family firms make it to the second generation, 13% to the third and only 3% to the fourth generation or beyond.
The matter of succession planning is something that gets a lot of focus from family businesses, and for good reason – it is one of the hardest things for both the business and the family to go through. To give some context, people often Read More >
The Wall of Equity ‘WACCs’ Cap Rates Perhaps it’s time for us to stop relying on conventional wisdom
Higher Interest Rates + Late Cycle = Lower Cap Rates. Huh? For the 22+ years I’ve been in this business, investors have relied on the relationship between cap rates and interest rates. But perhaps it’s time for us to stop relying on Read More >
What are volumes in Prime Central London residential property telling us? Land Registry data for The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea shows a good proxy for PCL volumes
Those of you that have invested in the equity markets might remember the late Richard Crossley. Prior to his untimely death almost seven years ago, Richard was an “old school” technical analyst; always at his desk by 6.30am, he spent the Read More >
The Race for the Next Seattle Why agility is key for investors in dealing with new uncertainties
Seattle is the only market I’ve ever seen advance from secondary to primary market status. There are a few other secondary cities that are nipping at its heels, led by Austin, Denver and Nashville in the U.S., and Sao Paolo, Brazil and Read More >
Businessman goes along a corridor at modern office Keep running, Logan Are new forms of technology as disruptive as we think they are?
“Liberty, freedom, justice. Now things have changed. Now everything comes to us on a platter. Man’s got nothing left to fight for.” — Logan’s Run In the classic 1967 novel Logan’s Run the world of 2116 is an idyllic place where Read More >
US dollars on a wooden table Pass the SALT? Why the Republican tax plan won't be a problem for cities looking to attract top talent
I am a big infrastructure guy. Everywhere I go, I tell local investors that their city’s growth potential is limited unless it has good transportation infrastructure (roads, airports and mass transit). Based on my experience, 'old school' Read More >
Old clock in Waterloo Station, London How do different governments affect house prices? On the day of the general election, Andrew Monteath looks at how previous governments have affected house prices
With yet another general election upon us it seems like a good time to look back and see which government has presided over the best returns for homeowners during the past forty years or so. The starting point is a good one, coming just after the Read More >
Analogue clocks set to different times on a white background The investor’s dilemma Inspired by a meeting with a property developer, Andrew Monteath considers the age-old question of what to sell and what to buy
The other day I met an intelligent and successful property developer (not always the same), who told me that back in 1997 he had sold a business and used the proceeds to move into buy to lets. He explained that he had built up a geographically Read More >


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