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Don’t think of it as technology, it’s just life as we’re going to know it

We’ve all heard that the CEO also needs to be the CTO – it’s a truth that we can’t ignore. Technology in business as in our lives is no longer something ‘separate’, it’s a part of it. We don’t see our smartphones as a technological device, we see it as part of our lives. The same goes for how businesses see the role of technology within their organisations. Something which is particularly relevant to the property sector. From wellbeing to finance, home life to workplace, consumers... Read More >

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Even online, there’s no such thing as a free audience How the internet economy works and why it matters
The internet was supposed to fragment audiences and make media monopolies impossible. Instead, behemoths like Google and Facebook now dominate the time we spend online — and grab all the profits from the attention economy. A timely new book Read More >
AI is not a silver bullet for cyber security Will AI really improve cyber security?
The number of criminal cyberattacks keep rising and we are still fairly in the dark when it comes to how best to tackle them. AI is often seen as the holy grail that will save us from hackers and ransomware. But will it actually be able to Read More >
DIGITISING THE NHS: OPPORTUNITY OR LIABILITY? Healthcare apps, digital innovation and data security
Back in May, apparently in an effort to look like ‘real people’ on social media, Conservative MPs received some much-needed, if slightly elementary, top tips to up their game on Instagram. But while some have way to go in keeping up with the Read More >
Will lab-grown meat really change the future of food? Sustainability can only truly be achieved through innovation
We gluttonous Westerners are being told to dramatically cut our meat consumption to reduce our carbon footprint, but it could well be that a pioneering new technology removes the need for any enforced vegetarianism. If we can resist the Read More >
How smartphones are helping to save the planet Smartphones are incredibly useful. Whether we use them wisely is up to us
Some people are dumping their smartphones and returning to old-fashioned hand-held devices. Eddie Redmayne did so in 2016, stating, “It was a reaction against being glued permanently to my iPhone during waking hours. The deluge of emails was Read More >
PropTech in Block Management The impact of technology on property management
Surveying is not an industry generally renowned for perching on the cutting edge of technology. You would be hard pressed to find many established businesses in this sphere at the forefront of the digital revolution, although the principle of Read More >
NHS Pollwatch Apps are an obvious way in which a cash-strapped NHS can help ease the burden
Back in May, apparently in an effort to look like ‘real people’ on social media, Conservative MPs received some much-needed, if slightly elementary, top tips to up their game on Instagram. But while some have way to go in keeping up with the Read More >
Good in a crisis 2018 reminded us that crises can hit any sector and the public response can be brutal in impact
Exxon Valdez, Gerald Ratner, Deepwater Horizon - all names that have become metonyms for corporate crisis. More recently, organisations such as PepsiCo and Microsoft, as well as large charities, have experienced crises of their own, through Read More >
TURN THE WHITE HEAT DOWN Recent polling of MPs by ComRes reveals that three quarters (75%) believe there needs to be more regulation of the technology sector generally
Politicians love to talk up technological advances. Those of a certain age will recall Harold Wilson famously talking about the “white heat” of the technological revolution demanding economic and social changes “which permeate our whole Read More >
The importance of the IoT within the sector The applications of new technologies in your building system can have endless possibilities.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices or systems, which communicate and share data with other smart devices. The IoT is all around us—and it’s connecting our phones, computers, cars, and homes. It allows us to Read More >
The EU’s war on what makes the internet great Why does the EU want to ban memes?
What is it about the European Union and bad tech laws with boring names? Brussels managed to transform four harmless letters into a byword for irritating compliance-induced spam and pop ups as well as a consolidation of power for the Read More >
How technology will make cities better places to live in With The Internet of Things we can mitigate risks, prevent damage and reduce costs.
Technology isn’t just about your home or office, it’s also about the environment that surrounds us all. And it’s happening now. Urbanites are the driving force of economies, innovation and lifestyle. By 2045, the world's urban Read More >
Britain has the chance to lead the world in AI. Will we take it? Britain's AI scene is messy. But that could be an advantage
The government announced a “sector deal” for the artificial intelligence industry today, which it says is worth £1 billion. About a third of that comes in the form of public funding and a third from new private sector investment, the rest Read More >
How the Internet of Things will benefit older and younger generations What’s more important? Your fridge telling you to buy some milk on the way home, or your floor recognising an older person has fallen and notifying the emergency services?
Having recently hosted an event at MIPIM 2018 on the topic I can confidently say the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay and is set to make big differences in the way we live, work and shop. You can look at stats such as there being a Read More >
Robots are coming for our jobs. Isn’t that great? Technological changes have made work more fun and less dangerous
Technological progress has frequently resulted in changes in the nature of work, sometimes affecting skilled workers more and sometimes affecting unskilled workers more. But whichever categories of worker were affected, such changes have almost Read More >
Data, data everywhere but what to do? What is ‘Big Data’ and is it a problem or a solution?
Rob Bould past chairman of the Investment Property Forum and NED of Coyote Group gives his perspective the tech revolution in the property industry and looks at the practical applications of these new technologies. Few people can define ‘Big Read More >
Speak up! Smart home technology finds its voice in 2018
With the annual Consumer and Electronics Show (CES) having recently taken place in Las Vegas, now is a good time to assess which technology is set to make an impact in the property world this year and beyond. Voice activation truly arrived at Read More >
Pile of bitcoins The wild ride of cryptocurrencies An introduction to Bitcoin, blockchain, and price volatility...
I spent Christmas in Northern California this year and met up with friends whilst in San Francisco. Given that I was in the world’s tech hub, it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to Bitcoin (amongst many other Read More >
Boutique selling children's toys and clothing The future of retail 8 ways that technology will change the way we shop in 2030
Automation, customisation and big data are some of the trends expected to change the retail industry and the way consumers shop in the future. Recently CBRE, the world’s leading real estate services firm and a Partner of The Property Chronicle, Read More >
Digital screen with abstract reflections Democratising real estate via blockchain: the example of FundPlaces The journey of a proptech start-up
Kok Keong Tan is the co-founder of FundPlaces, an alternative investment platform for real estate. I embarked on a different type of real estate journey three years ago, setting out to change how people invest in real estate. My team and I Read More >
Young professionals working at desks in an office Has Elon Musk cracked the renewable energy conundrum? Our new Technology columnist investigates the serial entrepreneur's latest offering
Elon Musk, perhaps the world’s best-known serial tech entrepreneur, has spent the last 15 years creating an empire that has vertically integrated the sustainable energy and transport market and now he is on the verge of bringing it to the Read More >


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