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Classic cars – the state of the market

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During 2018, classic car values as a whole rose by 5.9% (source Classic Cars). However, within the 1500 models used as an index there were losers as well as winners. Broadly speaking the affordable embryonic classics showed significant gains in value where the established, more exotic and expensive models, either flatlined or depreciated, such as the Porsche 911 (996 models) down 12%.

2019 as we know is a tough year to make any predictions about as it is cloaked in such uncertainty, but if I had to guess I suspect that 2019 will be similar to 2018 because the heady gains of the preceding years at the top end feel likely to need time to settle, and in a time of nervousness investors may choose to operate with caution in this area of the market as the big ticket items have collapsed in value before. The affordable classics I feel are the safer investment for the time being, as if there were a fall it would be from a kerb, not a cliff and the following makes and models I feel offer value, potential for future profit and enjoyment of ownership.

Ferrari 456 GT 1992-1997 and 456M 1998-2003 

Alternative assets

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Andrew has been dealing in and sourcing both modern and classic cars for 40 years, purchasing them from the known classic auctioneers Bonhams, Coys, Brooklands for classic cars and BCA for modern cars.

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