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Real estate, alternative real assets and other diversions

In 1862 we got the Gettysburg Address, in 1941 it was Roosevelt’s Day of Infamy and in 1983 it was Ronald Reagan’s Evil... Read More >


Investor's Notebook

Smart people from around the world share their thoughts

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The Macro View

Recent financial news and how it connects across all asset classes

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Fintech, proptech and what it all means

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A sideways look at the world of wine

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The Architect

Some of the profession's best minds

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Residential Investor

Making money from residential property investment

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The Professor

Analysis and opinion from the academic sphere

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Face to Face

In-depth interviews with leading figures in the real estate/investment world.

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What's New

Originally published January 2021. In 1929, when an American congressman compared England’s longest river unfavourably with the Mississippi, the MP... Read More >

Blair and Brown presided over unprecedented growth in our banking sector with their 'light touch' regulations. The result was the creation of mammoth... Read More >

It worsens the housing crisis – but there is a fix. The UK’s housing crisis hardly requires an introduction. It affects people across the... Read More >

These words are written soon after the end of the UK’s work protecting – what many claim was a ‘true’ job data distorting – furlough scheme. They... Read More >

The vast majority of the British public thinks that affordability is one of the big issues in the housing market, with half rating it is the single most... Read More >

Originally published March 2021. Plus, reassessing the relationship between UK interest rates and REITs. This article was originally published in... Read More >

The Headhunter

Recruitment and career moves

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The Analyst

Investment themes and trends

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The Historian

A look back at previous cycles, events, characters

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The Economist

Money, rates and prices

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Latest Articles

We take it for granted that we can go to a supermarket and buy all the food we need or get it delivered. However, as we look forward, that may not always... Read More >

A trade deal between the UK and the US was once counted as a great potential prize of Brexit. But now those plans have been delayed, with no clear... Read More >

The case of the London and Paris office markets. While the global framework of the Paris Accord is gradually being incorporated into national laws... Read More >

… was a famous quote of appreciation attributed to Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen's former CEO, when closing the door of a KIA sedan at a car... Read More >

Back to school, back to work, back to life. La rentrée means much more than just ‘back to school’.  The word also signifies a return to social... Read More >

This morning has seen something of a different event, but it has given us an insight into the thoughts of the Bank of England. This is because QuickBooks... Read More >

Originally published March 2021. This newly trendy approach is not just environmentally and consumer friendly, it’s practical too – and at root... Read More >

How to avoid the pitfalls of building down. In early November last year, the residents of Durham Place, London, which looks over Burton Court and... Read More >

Europeans and other Western nations have dominated automotive excellence for over a century. Whether it's the satisfying thud of the door closing on a... Read More >

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