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A flying start for auctions in February The latest figures and reflections on the changing world of property auctions

The Auctioneer

January is a difficult month for property auctions as there are too few to give any meaningful statistics. Indeed, in January there were just 9 auctions in the UK offering 430 lots, 316 of which found buyers. A conversion rate of 73.5% is in line with the national average during 2017.
The reason for the relatively small number of sales is two fold – firstly, many companies wish to sell before the December financial year end and secondly,  to hold an auction in January means that much of the marketing takes place during the seemingly endless Christmas break.
February, however, was flying as far as auctions were concerned – around 3,900 lots went under the hammer during the shortest month of the year. Of the 3,359 residential lots 2,657 found buyers showing a headline conversion of 80%. Just 530 commercial lots were offered during the month, 89% of which found buyers. More detailed analysis by region, sector and auctioneer is available from the Essential Information Group (www.eigpropertyauctions.co.uk)

During this January I penned the introduction to the 200th catalogue which my firm has produced since being founded 28 years ago. As I reflected on the changes over that period it brought home just what a difference in the market and public perception has taken place with regard to property auctions. Back in 1989 collective land and property auctions were few and far between.

The Auctioneer

About Clive Emson

Clive Emson

Clive Emson is the Chairman of the eponymous auction company that he formed in 1989 to provide an independent land property auction facility for statutory authorities, private clients and estate agents with clients that wish to consider auction as an alternative marketing method. Over 850 high street agents from Essex to Cornwall now help to introduce lots and distribute the 20,000 catalogues published for each of the eight auctions held each year. Prior to 1989 Clive was the national property auctioneer for Prudential Property Services and regional professional director for the South East. He is a Chartered Surveyor, honoured member of the National Association of Estate Agents and a member of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers. Clive Emson Auctioneers are now the 5th largest property auctioneer in the UK in respect of volume and value of lots sold in the UK.

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