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Forecasts by George Costanza Predicting the opposite of the mainstream consensus

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In the 86th episode of Seinfield, George, egged on by Jerry and fed up with his lack of romantic and professional success, decides that to succeed he must from now on do ‘the opposite’. It is a triumph, immediately bringing him both a beautiful girlfriend and great job. On the big political events of recent years to have guessed what was about to happen you needed to go south of prevailing orthodoxy. On that basis, in the spirit of George, we are assuming that whatever the mainstream consensus is predicting, the opposite will happen.

1. By 2020, Brexit is deemed a great success with the City’s position protected; Japanese, Korean and German car manufacturers are setting up plants in the UK; new trade deals have been agreed with the US, India, Australia, China, New Zealand and Canada that are the envy of the EU; more overseas students than ever are studying at UK universities; and London’s position as the tech capital of Europe is unchallenged.

Editorial Notes

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