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Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe meet in Malaysia

The Storyteller

Staying with family friends in Chicago back in the 70s, I had an early introduction to a couple of the world’s great architects. My host was an architect and a lecturer at Northwestern University and the Windy City was for him a giant playground of structural delight. Being a callow youth, he decided my education was incomplete without a tour of the great buildings, accompanied by an historical overview of the skyscraper. So it was that on a busy morning in only a few blocks of the city he unravelled the mystery of these iconic structures, ones we now pass with barely a glance; the early brownstone buildings with an almost classical elegance of form and scale; the shift in materials that allowed things to go higher, be lighter and brighter; the removal of the innards so that internal space and light was created with soaring atriums; hanging structures off internal frames, so that it appeared that buildings were almost floating; the simplicity and splendour of well-balanced design and function in the giants alongside the lakeshore. 

The Storyteller

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Paul Lowden

Paul Lowden managed to spin out his time at Durham University to encompass two degrees before embarking on a 30+ year career teaching English in the UK and also in Sydney. He enjoys walking the wilds of Sutherland and the rolling Downs of Sussex as well as sampling the cleansing ales of local inns. He is currently re-inventing himself as a poet in tropical Malaysia where his wife is currently based.

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