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Global media cities


The likes of LA, London and Mumbai are being challenged as consumer appetites becomes more global.

Media cities are hubs of creativity where films, television, and music are produced, edited, and consumed. A new analysis by Savills of media cities around the globe puts Los Angeles in the top spot – not surprisingly, given that it is the location of Hollywood and the centre of the US film industry. In second and third place respectively are New York City and London, thanks to their depth of creative talent, demand for entertainment, and relatively robust programme of government incentives.

Atlanta, Beijing, Mumbai (the home of Bollywood) and Paris fall just outside the top three, and beyond that new challenger locations are quickly establishing themselves, as audiences embrace content not produced in their native languages and the industry becomes increasingly globalised and democratised through technology.

Lagos, Buenos Aires and Dublin, ranked 20th, 17th and 16th respectively, are likely to rise up the ranks in coming years. Looking further ahead, Singapore, Cape Town, Albuquerque, Manchester (in the UK) and Changsha, Hengdian and Xiangshan (in China) are locations not yet ranked, but which are also likely to benefit from the expanding globalised landscape.

Media city rankings

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