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Has We killed the unicorns?

The Fund Manager

WeWork’s ill-fated IPO is the tip of an iceberg

WeWork revenue and operating losses and ‘valuation’ (US$)

Riddle me this. We eat $229,000 every hour, every day, year after year. We are in nearly 500 places at the same time. We lose a dollar for every dollar of revenue taken. We have a mission to ‘raise the world’s consciousness’ and a CEO-founder whose ambition is to be the world’s first ‘immortal trillionaire’.

What are we?

The answer, of course, is co-working landlord The We Company – better known as WeWork.

‘We’ is a unicorn: a private start-up business worth over a billion dollars. It is the largest private tenant in New York. In London, only Her Majesty’s government rents more space.

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