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Investors are getting more flexible Widening participation in the Asia Pacific flexible space

Investor's Notebook

Across Asia Pacific, conversations surrounding flexible space are typically one-sided and largely concentrate on co-working.

Given the current stage of development in this region, it is somewhat understandable that discussions on flexible working are inevitably tenant-based. Tenants have embraced the concept and pioneered next generation principles that fall under the agile working umbrella. However, for too long, a key element to an inclusive flexible narrative has been downplayed, the role of landlords and investors in this workplace evolution.

For this market to truly evolve into a mainstream workplace and office concept, involvement of both tenants and investors is imperative. Without both side of the market playing more equal roles, flexible working in Asia Pacific is destined to remain purely niche in some markets and somewhat accepted by certain companies in others.

To bridge this gap, we have identified four driving themes that will help bring wider scale landlord participation in the Asia Pacific flexible space.

Investor's Notebook

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Ada Choi CFA

Executive Director, Research, Asia Pacific, CBRE. Ada acts as the leader of real estate capital market analytics within the Asia Pacific team to assist the delivery of research-based strategic advice to key real estate investment clients. She is responsible for leading the team to monitor investment activity, including capital flow, price movement and investment strategy.

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