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Letter from Washington

Political Insider

Washington Calendar, March 25 – March 29

President Trump’s schedule (EDT):

11:45 AM:  Holds a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

                  Mr. Netanyahu will cut short his visit at 1 PM today because of security developments in Israel; and

  3:00 PM:  Welcomes the 2018 Stanley Cup winning Washington Capitals.

Tuesday:      Hosts the Republican USMCA whip team, and dinner with Netanyahu. 

Wednesday: Lunch with VP Mike Pence and presents the Medal of Honor to the late Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins. 

Thursday:     Holds a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Senate will return 3 PM and at 5:30 PM will hold a cloture vote on a judicial nomination. Later this week, the Senate will consider motions to proceed to S.J.Res.8, Green New Deal Goals, and H.R.268, the House-passed $12.1 b. supplemental appropriations bill.

The House will return at noon with votes postponed until 6:30 PM on five bills from the Suspension Calendar.  Tuesday afternoon the House is expected to fall short of the two-thirds necessary to override President Trump’s veto of the denial of national emergency resolution, H.J.Res.46.  It will also vote on two more bills from the Suspension Calendar.  Wednesday and Thursday until 3 PM, the House is expected to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, H.R.7, and H.Res.124, a resolution opposing the ban on openly transgender serving in the military.

Monday  25               5 PM  MARK-UP, H.R.7, H.Res.124, House Rules

                                  7 PM  MARK-UP, H.Res.245 providing for committee expenses, House Administration   

Tuesday  26         9:30 AM  U.S. Policy Towards North Korea, Senate Foreign Relations

                             9:30 AM  FY20 Army Budget, Senate Armed Services

                             9:30 AM  FY20 National Science Foundation Budget, House Appropriations

                                10 AM  FY20 Energy Dept. Budget, House Appropriations

                                10 AM  FY20 OMB Budget, House Appropriations

                                10 AM  FY20 Defense Budget, House Armed Services

                                10 AM  FY20 HHS Budget, House Budget

                                10 AM  Combating Corruption in the Americas, House Foreign Affairs

                                10 AM  Investments in Airports, House Transportation

                                10 AM  Runway Extension Act Implementation, House Small Business

                                10 AM  “Trade and Labor: Creating and Enforcing Rules to Benefit American Workers,”

House Ways and Means

                                10 AM  U.S. Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing, House Science

                                10 AM  Administration of Hurricane Disaster Recovery Funds, House Financial Services

                                10 AM  Proposed Small Arms Transfers, House Foreign Affairs

                                10 AM  Border Family Separation Policy, House Homeland Security

                                10 AM  MARK-UP, “Save the Internet Act of 2019,” H.R.1644, House Energy and Commerce

                                10 AM  MARK-UP, ethics bills, House Oversight and Reform

                                10 AM  MARK-UP, Andrew McCabe Documents Request, House Judiciary

                                10 AM  Wildlife Conservation Bills, House Natural Resources

Political Insider

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