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Lock Up musings from the Farm

The Farmer

This dastardly ‘Chinese Virus‘ has challenged us all. ‘Lock down’ (we used to call it ‘Lock up’ at school) creates new initiatives and priorities, passions, promises and intentions. I desperately try to use the time to learn new skills and read more books. Failure. The mouthorgan and ‘Easiest Harmonic Book’ has sat on a prominently placed armchair awaiting my attention for weeks. There are stacks of old photographs crying out for albums or the bin. Franz von Papen’s ‘Memoirs’ and G. Lenotre’s ‘Robespierre’s Rise and Fall’ have been left untouched since pages 61 and 72 respectively in exchange for Thomas Penn’s ‘The Brothers York’, my kind of history, and Michael Henderson’s comforting and prophetic, indulgent and delightful, ‘That will be England Gone’, ‘The Last Summer of Cricket’.  Music, literature, memories, allusions and anecdotes all wrapped up in a brew of cricket’s noteworthy past and fearful future. 

The Farmer

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Nigel Wheeler

Nigel Wheeler was born into a hop and fruit growing Kentish family. He served as a schoolmaster in UK and New Zealand. He is a former magistrate and High Sheriff of Kent. He is an avid follower of sport, theatre and fine ale.

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