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London Mithraeum: a Roman ruin re-imagined MOLA archaeologists recreate Temple of Mithras

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The first new interpretation of a Roman ruin in London for nearly 20 years, London Mithraeum opened to the public in November 2017. The ruins of the mid-3rd century temple were discovered in September 1954 on a former WWII bomb site at the start of construction for a new office building. The press immediately picked up the story and there was a frenzy of press and public interest, with tens of thousands of people visiting. To forge ahead with necessary construction the ruin was dismantled. In February 1962 a rather unsatisfactory reconstruction was unveiled, approximately 100m from its original location.

In 2010 financial technology, data and media company, Bloomberg, bought the site.  A planning condition for its redevelopment was that the temple be reconstructed as close as possible to the location of the original Roman structure, seven metres below the modern streets of London.  A huge undertaking, Bloomberg embraced the challenge and today London Mithraeum is an immersive and powerful reimagining of the Temple of Mithras, giving visitors an opportunity to connect with London’s Roman past.

The Architect

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MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) has been working with the property development sector to uncover the history buried beneath our streets for over 40 years. The largest archaeology and built heritage practice in the country, they help their commercial partners to achieve planning consent swiftly and expertly and make sure that the development sector’s investment in archaeological research makes an impact through its research and engagement programmes.  In this series of articles the specialists from MOLA share some of their amazing discoveries and research. Find out more about MOLA’s services and research and engagement project at

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