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Reading the small print on subletting

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Plus, is the AirBnB boom coming to an end?

I write this camping beneath the canvas cover of a tent – a novel experience for me. I should add, though, the healthy caveat that I am glamping. Essentially, a luxurious form of camping. Camping as sponsored by Waitrose, you could say. It is certainly the first time I’ve experienced camping equipped with an en-suite, a full range of crockery and alpacas as neighbours. 

The only disruption to this rural idyll has been our bovine neighbours, not unexpected, and our human neighbours returning one evening singing what was intended to be, I think, Aretha Franklin. The latter reminded me of a recently reported noise complaint caused by a tenant and companions, who had rented a flat for a holiday weekend and then entertained the block with similar, refreshed renditions after a night out. 

Residential Investor

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Calum Watson

Calum Watson is Managing Director of D&G Block Management, an established firm of managing agents operating throughout Greater London. He has worked in the London market for 20 years and has a particular interest in maximising the value of assets and services on behalf of clients. D&GBM manage a wide ranging portfolio of over 6,000 units on behalf of freeholders, RMCs and private investor landlords.

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