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The surprising nature of property development Alan Waxman explains how a recent opportunity came about

The Architect

The excitement of property development for me is that you never know where an opportunity might present itself.

One of my most unexpected projects came off the back of a chance meeting with a very charming young lady whom I met at Annabelle’s in Berkeley Square. Having hit it off we decided to keep in touch and a couple of days later we had planned to go for lunch; incidentally it had come up in conversation that this lady was planning on selling her house in Notting Hill and knowing my background in property asked if I might be interested in it. Curious, I decided to stop by the property on the way to the restaurant and not one to be easily deterred I climbed over the fence and had a thorough look around the property and its plot.

Curiosity quickly became excitement and by the time I made it to the restaurant I had decided to turn our social lunch in to a business one – we negotiated on the price and I bought it right away.

Pleased as I was to have purchased this property it became immediately clear that there would be numerous restrictions on what we could do. Ultimately what I had purchased was a shed, on a busy road which backed up on to some council houses.

The Architect

About Alan Waxman

Alan Waxman

Alan Waxman founded Landmass in 1998, a luxury property development and interior design company. Alan has developed numerous high end residential properties, including the award-winning Grosvenor Crescent Mews in Belgravia, London.

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