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New York’s fiscal suicide

The state of New York is an economic disaster area. New York is ranked #50 in the Economic Freedom of North America. New York is ranked #48 in the State Business Tax Climate Index. New York is ranked #50 in the Freedom in the 50 States. New York is next-to-last in measures of inbound migration. New York is ranked #50 in the State Soft Tyranny Index. The good news is […]

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Fight club with Nicholas Kristof and John Tamny

Who’s right about the best way to reduce child poverty? Reading through the recent intellectual proxy fight between NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof and Fox News panelist John Tamny (Property Chronicle, 22 March), I couldn’t help but recall a discussion I had with an old US-based friend of mine around last year’s presidential election. He commented […]

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Par for the course – hitting the links for industrial sites

Abandoned golf courses are ripe for redevelopment and offer ideal locations for distribution. E-commerce fulfilment does not usually trigger an image of grassy meadows and gently rolling landscapes, but there’s a growing convergence as industrial developers search for available land on which to build. Up against tight market conditions, along with increased values for land […]

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