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Pollster Scott Rasmussen Says Democrats Are Getting Demographics All Wrong

In a year-end review of polling and politics, one of America’s leading national pollsters, Scott Rasmussen, says most Americans have higher priorities than politics. And he says partisan thinking about race, particularly among Democrats, hasn’t kept up with demographic realities. Marc Ang: What is the state of polling today? Rasmussen: “People think polls they agree […]

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Midwest markets demonstrate resiliency during pandemic

The Midwest region is a broad geography encompassing the Great Lakes and upper Mississippi and Ohio River watersheds. Major cities in the area include well-known names like Chicago and Detroit, and fast-growing smaller cities like Minneapolis and Columbus, OH. While the region has long been valued for its stability in the face of volatile commercial […]

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Stop protecting presidents from history

Former president Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit to block release of speech drafts, call logs and handwritten notes regarding the 6 January Capitol Clash. Trump is seeking to prohibit the National Archives from delivering those records to a congressional committee investigating the events of January 6th. President Joe Biden has refused to invoke executive privilege to […]

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Spendthrift Uncle Sam no longer can afford to run the world

Originally published September 2021. Virtually no one in Washington even pretends to be concerned about federal spending and deficits anymore. The Biden administration is going wild as the US nears the debt-to-GDP record set after World War II. Under President George W Bush, he and Congress increased domestic outlays faster than during Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great […]

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