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Five times this year the New York Times accidentally told the truth

The paper of record in 2020 shifted dramatically to the most illiberal stance possible on the virus, pushing for full lockdowns, and ignoring or burying any information that might contradict the case for this unprecedented experiment in social and economic control. This article highlights the exceptions.  The first shocking sign of the placing of a […]

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The consensus also favoured alcohol prohibition

Most people today regard America’s experiment with alcohol prohibition as a national embarrassment, rightly repealed in 1933. So it will be with the closures and lockdowns of 2020, some day.  In 1920, however, to be for the repeal of the prohibition that was passed took courage. You were arguing against prevailing opinion backed by celebratory […]

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US regime change – what does it mean for real estate?

Historically, political party control of the US government has not had much bearing on investment performance of commercial real estate. However, NCREIF data (since its 1978 inception) shows that Democratic administrations produced somewhat stronger 10.4% average total returns on US institutionally owned property, while Republican administrations produced 8.6%.1 With Democrats ushering in a victory on […]

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US real estate market cycles

A physical market cycle analysis of four property types across 54 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) for 3Q2020. The V-shaped recovery happened (-32% GDP in Q2 then +33% GDP in Q3) but only for a portion of the economy. Any business dependent upon consumer contact was down or flat at best. Add the flat line to […]

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