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The beginning of the end Being an estate agent in the 80s

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During the 80s being an agent still felt ‘less’ than working in the City. They had their own set of fireworks with Big Bang but at some point house prices started to become a talking point. They never had before and I remember conversations starting amongst mates, mostly City workers, where a ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ culture started to emerge. Having bumbled along for decades with barely any change, prices suddenly doubled in less than four years.

The Agent

About Ed Mead

Ed Mead

Ed Mead has worked in the central London estate agency market for almost forty years and has acquired a reputation for saying it as it is. He's contributed over many years as The Sunday Times Property Expert and as the Agent Provocateur in The Telegraph amongst many others as well as fronting two BBC TV series. He left agency in September 2016 to start Viewber, the world's first outsourced property viewing service harnessing the power of the sharing economy to make viewings available 24/7 for agents and landlords via their own dashboard. He is still a regular press contributor with a regular live Q&A slot on LBC.

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