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The evolving purpose of the hybrid workplace

The Analyst

The world of work has shifted seismically over the past year and as it continues to evolve, businesses of all sizes are developing new workplace strategies to align with what they believe will work for their company and their employees. Business leaders are reconsidering the purpose of their workspaces and the needs of employees to understand which variation of the hybrid model works best. This has created a lot of uncertainty and many more questions: which model is right for our company? What do we really want from the office? What does success look like in this new era?

While the future of work is certainly not a case of ‘one size fits all’, there are four consistent themes that businesses are exploring and which are now emerging as the defining pillars of the future of work: collaboration, convenience, health and safety, and adaptability. To satisfy employee demand, stay competitive when attracting new talent and improve business performance, business leaders must factor in this new criteria of the workplace, which continues to evolve alongside employee expectations.

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