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‘The future will be better tomorrow’

The Analyst

Forget the doomsayers: we are on the verge of a golden age.

Former US vice-president Dan Quayle once said: “The future will be better tomorrow.” Right now, I’m willing to risk the ridicule of using this statement. Although it might not seem like it today, as the fog of this dreadful year starts to lift, we should indeed see a much improved future.

Most of us will not remember this year fondly. Whether it be the virus, the lockdowns, the job losses or the general anxiety of it all, 2020 has been a stinker. However, now we need to focus on what comes next. And it’s easy to paint a negative picture. The virus is firmly with us and scepticism remains over the timing of an effective vaccine.

Even beyond the virus, the economic and human costs will be with us for generations. On the day I am writing this, I was woken by the news that the head of Britain’s armed forces is warning that the fallout from the virus risks another world war. Despite this, I really am optimistic about the future. Indeed, I’ve been telling those close to me that I sense we’re on the verge of a golden age. From equality to technology, the arts to the environment, I see the potential for massive improvements in living standards.

The Analyst

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Simon Wallace

Simon Wallace is DWS’s Global Co-Head of Research, based in London. He joined DWS in 2011, having served as an economist for real estate research at Hammerson. Previously he worked as an economist at the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

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