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The influence of demographics

Head Of Research

With the population moving to the US’s South and West, investment opportunities have followed.

Nearing my retirement, I am considering some of the investment lessons I have learned along the way. One of the most significant is the importance of demographic trends to the long-term performance of real estate markets, sub-markets and ultimately the assets themselves. In the 1980s, when institutional real estate investment was less broadly accepted, institutions focused on getting exposure to real estate through Class A office buildings in ‘gateway’ US cities and major shopping malls throughout the country. Investment in industrial and residential apartments was much less common, and deviating from the top five or six well-established markets was also met with some skepticism and questions about liquidity. 

Head Of Research

About Pamela Boneham

Pam Boneham is a 30-year veteran of the US institutional real estate investment community, and currently serves as Managing Director and Head of US Real Estate Capital Strategies for Barings, whose real estate platform manages $46bn of debt and equity across the globe.

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