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The outlook for CEE commercial property

Golden Oldie

Poland offers attractive investment possibilities post-Covid.

We have now undergone a year and half of unprecedented interference in all aspects of our lives including, of course, in business. In an attempt to combat the serious consequences of such mammoth disruption, governments have engaged in the largest spending spree in history.

The results of such a gargantuan experiment cannot possibly yet be known. The interventions are continuing, with no sign of them ceasing any time soon. Neither can anyone predict the results. There is simply no historic precedent by which to forecast outcomes. 

At some point, lockdowns have to stop, as does the spending. Only then will the depth of the scars on commerce become known. Such heightened uncertainty makes investment challenging, to put it mildly. But opportunities exist in every cycle and I have no doubt that fortunes will be made and lost in this next cycle, as they have been in all previous ones. 

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