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The wine market is slow – but stirring


Burgundy continues its slide, but Bordeaux might be coming into its own.

In the same way the media in March was completely dominated by Brexit, so was the wine market. Instead of squabbling and jostling for position, however, the main players in the House of Wine continued to sit on their hands. 

UK merchants remain, unsurprisingly, risk averse; some are just not buying anything for stock, so the market has continued to ease. The good news is that this easing is a result of apathy rather than volumes of stock hitting the market.

Unsurprisingly, the Burgundy Index (one of our fine wine indices that benchmark a representative basket of the world’s greatest and most traded wines) continues to slide from its Himalayan-style peaks. What is really interesting is the performance of Bordeaux, especially the First Growths. This sub index gained 2.8% in March and is the only one of the indices above to be positive in 2019. 


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Miles Davis

Miles Davis is a guest contributor from Wine Owners (, the fine wine collection management and investment platform based here in London. Miles is a professional wine consultant working in the fine wine market. He has been a wine collector for thirty years and managed wine investment funds between 2006-17 for Wine Asset Managers LLP.

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