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Want to help young people, Theresa? Abolish Stamp Duty Stamp Duty hurts young buyers, renters and older people who want to downsize

The Analyst

So, you want to heal the generational divide?

Thinktankers and policymakers have been out in force over the past few weeks throwing ideas around about how to shift some of the burden from the shoulders of my generation – the student loan generation, generation rent, “those entitled millennials”.

The vast majority of those ideas are, frankly, useless. I wrote last week on why the Resolution Foundation (a usually relatively sensible thinktank) idea to give everybody in my age group £10,000 on their 25th birthday was ridiculous – it puts in place an arbitrary age cut-off, fails to account for wealthy young people (they do exist) and would essentially be a pointless drop in the ocean.

There are plenty of policies that the Government could implement to help young people and win their trust. Improve mental health care for students, take young people out of National Insurance contributions, legalise the marijuana market. Build some bloody houses.

The undisputed number one issue for young people is housing. The one policy that would absolutely get the housing market moving – for everybody, but especially young people – is abolishing Stamp Duty.

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