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Welcome to The Property Chronicle A note from the editorial team

Editorial Notes

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Andreas Whittam Smith will always be associated with the launch of the Independent and his magisterial opening editorial. This week we launch The Property Chronicle. We don’t have quite the same lofty ambitions as AWS did to change the course of UK political life but we do think that real estate is a unique asset class. It is huge, varied and political. It is also, on the whole, illiquid. That means, unlike with shares or bonds, if you make a wrong decision on asset allocation you cannot press a button and exit. With direct property investments you must get your thinking spot on before you act. The Property Chronicle aims to bring to you some of the best minds in the real estate investment business. The content is not too time-sensitive so the hope is it will give our readers the opportunity to reflect and digest before making those key asset allocation decisions.

Editorial Notes

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