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The White Collar Factory: a new kind of office building Simon Silver explains the motivation behind the project

The Guest Essay

White Collar Factory

From the very early days over 30 years ago, Derwent has had an affinity with industrial buildings that could be converted into generous and characterful office space. The principle was actually very simple; it was about three words, ‘Volume And Light’.

So over many years we managed to successfully purchase buildings like Tea, Buckley, Oliver’s Yard and Greencoat and Gordon House which were all originally built for light industrial usage and convert them into great workspaces which today are some of the most popular in our portfolio.

So this got us thinking, wouldn’t it be great to one day build a new modern type of office building but on a generous industrial scale! In 2008 we put together a think tank that comprised architect AHMM, engineers Arup and AKT, and project managers Jackson Coles, together with London’s most creative agent, David Rosen of Pilcher Hershman.

The Guest Essay

About Simon Silver

Simon Silver

Simon Silver is a main board Director of Derwent London Plc. One of the Co-founders of Derwent Valley Holdings, Simon has overseen the design strategy for the group’s development and regeneration programme for over 30 years. He has overall responsibility for the commissioning of Architects on all Derwent projects. This has covered many notable schemes, including the TEA building in Shoreditch, the Angel building in Islington, Turnmill in Clerkenwell and most recently the White Collar Factory on Old Street roundabout. Simon is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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