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What if nature reserves don't work?

Farming in the UK needs nature reserves to work. The majority of biodiversity is conserved in protected landscapes, enabling conventional agriculture to have the dominant hand in the undesignated areas. However, increasing amounts of evidence are undermining this strategy. We are used to bad news for species in certain farmscapes, but a recently published survey from 88 nature reserves across Germany has revealed some shocking declines. The august Krefeld Entomological Society organised a total of... Read More >

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Summer's day at Folkestone Harbour Kent England A letter from the Weald of Kent On changing clocks, Folkestone and the future of agriculture
Dear Editor, We have entered the season of early, dark nights. Some enjoy closing the curtains, lighting the fires and settling in for the evening: some pine for the longer days and more time outside in the light. Winter months support the Read More >
Apples on a tree A letter from the Weald of Kent On apples, farm workers and Brexit
Dear Editor, The harvest is mostly gathered in. Regionalised May ground and air frosts threatened the fruit that had enjoyed outstanding bud and blossom. Results were better than expected. Bramleys are now in store, Conference pears have been Read More >
Farming tractor plowing and spraying on field The value of a sheep On the difference between price and value
As a shepherd, it is important for me to know the value of a sheep. This is tested when attending a sheep auction, when I will need to be decisive and disciplined in sticking to an assessment. The Romney Day at Ashford Market, held at the end of Read More >
Beads of water on the surface of a leaf Wilderness: is there a change on the way? Could we see wild elephants returning to Europe? Martin Hole discusses a return to 'nature'
All property is environment. To begin with, and before man’s interference, it is a wholly natural tableau, but as we bend it to our will true wilderness loses out. Landscape cover of farming, forestry and urban development in the UK affects Read More >
Cows on pasture Farming in Australia: the change has arrived Jeremy Bayard shares his insights on investing in agriculture Down Under
There’s a change sweeping Australian agriculture. The nation that was “built on the sheep’s back” and has had an enduring relationship with all things farming since white settlement in 1788, is undergoing a systemic shift in its rural Read More >
Northern lapwing wading in water Why buy land? A farmer reflects on the opportunity that ownership brings for conservation and development
The skylark’s Latin name is Alauda arvensis. Roughly translated, it means exaltation from the field, an observation about its song and activity in asserting its territory. The lapwing, too, has a thrilling flight display when it first puts its Read More >
Farming tractor plowing and spraying on field Why worms matter On the importance of soil for agriculture - and why those who own or manage land should take note
Vile murder has foul consequences. The shooting of Tristan Voorspuy in March this year was a totemic moment in an ongoing conflict. On 12 June, as reported in The Times, Raila Odinga, leader of the opposition in Kenya’s government, openly Read More >
Land, territory and confrontation: the murder of Tristan Voorspuy Farmer Martin Hole reflects on the death of a family member in Kenya
Property rights lie at the heart of civilisation - not just in terms of commerce, but in the ability to safeguard long term interests and express natural territorial needs. Whether it is a farm such as ours on the marshes of East Sussex, or a Read More >


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