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A dividend investor’s guide to recessions, depressions and pandemics

The Fund Manager

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic should not be underestimated.

It is, in my opinion, likely to produce a severe recession in the UK as well as a global recession, and has already led to a swathe of dividend cuts and suspensions across UK and international markets.

How then should dividend investors deal with this?

If you’re risk averse, you could run to the safety of cash. If you’re risk seeking, you could remortgage your house and invest it all in ‘bargain’ shares.

Personally I prefer to stick to the basics, by which I mean a set of principles that apply irrespective of space and time, crisis or boom.

And for me, the most important principles are diversity, robustness and competitiveness, each of which I covered at length in this month’s Master Investor magazine, along with a couple of example stocks from my portfolio.

The Fund Manager

About John Kingham

John Kingham

John Kingham is the editor of UK Value Investor, the investment newsletter for defensive value investors. With a professional background in software analysis, John's approach to high yield, low risk investing is based on the Benjamin Graham tradition of being systematic and fact-based, rather than speculative. John is also the author of The Defensive Value Investor: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Building a High Yield, Low Risk Share Portfolio. His website can be found at: www.ukvalueinvestor.com.

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