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ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 23RD OCTOBER 2017 As a shepherd, it is important for me to know the value of a sheep. This is tested when attending a sheep auction, when I will need to be decisive and disciplined in sticking to an assessment. The Romney Day at Ashford Market, held at the end of September, attracts farmers seeking to replenish their flocks with new young stock and young rams to replace the worn out old men at home. Ewe lambs vary in price from £60 to £110, sold in pens of 25, with... Read More >

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ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 11TH NOVEMBER 2017 Dear Editor, We have entered the season of early, dark nights. Some enjoy closing the curtains, lighting the fires and settling in for the evening: some pine for the longer days and more time Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 19TH DECEMBER 2017 Excited to start their new jobs in real estate private equity and experience the life of glamour and money in finance, Jordan and Patrick are hit by the sobering reality that is London Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 12TH FEBRUARY 2018 My visit to Yale was not to study a post graduate degree but happily for me to look at the extraordinary range of Modernist Architecture over the length and breadth of their campus. I was aware Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 9th MAY 2018 Introduction – the danger of being a farmer at MBA school (or at a dinner party) MBA schools characterise farming as a commodity industry, subject to negative weather events and low returns. Farmers are Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 17TH SEPTEMBER 2018 The online retail business is 11% of the total world wide retail sales and 16% of the UK’s. In both cases it seems to be growing at about 1% per annum but with signs of a slowdown in the more Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 13TH OCTOBER 2017 In a conscious echo of Harold Macmillan who oversaw the construction of more than 300,000 mostly local authority houses in 1953, the Prime Minister recently announced that her government is Read More >

Above: The opening of the account roll of University College, Oxford, for 1383-4 © The Master and Fellows of University College, Oxford ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 21ST NOVEMBER 2017 Few organisations, apart from cathedrals, can rival Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 17TH JANUARY 2018 Real estate, golf courses and Florida sunshine have long gone together, but not always happily. It is to a golf complex in Florida (the wonderfully-named Valhalla Village) that novelist John Updike, Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 1ST OCTOBER 2018 This month, as guest at one of England’s most famous and senior golf clubs, I was reminded of the brutality of the real estate investment business. A tall, broad smiling, full haired, Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 8TH SEPTEMBER 2018 The market players are different and the transactions are significantly more complex than 30 years ago Perhaps the long hot summer in continental Europe is not the most prudent time to review Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2018 In my last article I set out my company’s broad approach to investing in commercial property and in Poland in particular. I thought it might be interesting for anyone considering investing in Poland Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AUGUST 16TH 2017 About thirty years ago I remember my stepfather, a well-known man of considerable standing, surprising me by telling me I was in a ‘gentleman’s profession’. OK, he was quite old, but amongst Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JANUARY 15TH 2018 I spent Christmas in Northern California this year and met up with friends whilst in San Francisco. Given that I was in the world’s tech hub, it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 27TH OCTOBER 2017 Given time, most industries develop a jargon which allows participants to exude a professional glow and some degree of intellectual superiority when addressing outsiders (especially when poised to Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2017 This is the last in a series of four articles on the history of British racecourses and their struggle for economic prosperity. It focuses on Towcester - an independent, and a prime example of the Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2017.  This title has been borrowed from Bernard Rudofsky, a Moravian-born American writer, architect, and social historian who published an influential book of the same name in 1964. It has the subtitle 'A Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 14th DECEMBER 2017 At this time of year, we are inundated with nostalgic images of a Victorian Christmas set in a Dickensian London where the real horrors and poverty of that age are banished from the chocolate box Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 5TH DECEMBER 2017 Over many years of working on numerous projects, I have always drawn inspiration from the work of some of the great architects from the past (borrowing from the past to enhance the future). Probably Read More >

INTERVIEW ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2ND 2017 Veritable housing soothsayer Tony Pidgley turned 70 in August, and in September, Berkeley was re-admitted to the FTSE 100 for the second time - its share price hitting a new all-time high. Mr Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 17TH NOVEMBER 2017 Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in October 2017 for his work in behavioural economics. His citation refers to his contribution to building a bridge between economic and Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 21ST AUGUST 2017 As I touched upon in my last article, long term out-performance is the principal aim for a residential investor in our era of lower returns. Residential investment is a completely different mindset Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 Shipping carries over 90% of world trade. Until anti-gravity transport is invented nothing will replace it. This island race has salt water and shipping in our veins and history. As befits our Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 22ND SEPTEMBER 2017 I started my real estate career in the early 1980s, so over 30 years ago! I have been involved in many areas of UK real estate during that period, both cosseted in booms and fighting for survival Read More >

INTERVIEW ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AUGUST 2ND 2017 Thanks to a successful 40 year career as a property developer and investor, David Lewis has created significant assets, but is better known today for his extraordinary art collection than for his Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AUGUST 15TH 2017 I have just returned from my old and dear friends’ week-long 25th wedding anniversary celebration at Wyntoon, the 60,000 acre Hearst estate located near Mt. Shasta in Northern California. William Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED MAY 25TH 2017 Property rights lie at the heart of civilisation - not just in terms of commerce, but in the ability to safeguard long term interests and express natural territorial needs. Whether it is a farm such as Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JULY 5TH 2017 In 2008, financial institutions across the globe were engulfed by waves emanating from an over-extended US property sector. The problems surfaced in the ‘shadow’ banking sector, where much of the Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 19TH MAY 2017 In 1982, my uncle’s family was thrilled by some good news. The head of the family, my uncle Xiang, had been allocated a new apartment unit by his employer, which was the largest state-owned company in Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 Collectors may be driven by obsession – but are toys also a viable investment asset? There is a big difference between an investor and a collector. The former gives up capital today in the Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 The English mania for seaside holidays predated the railways – but the arrival of the steam train supercharged it Seaside resorts and inland watering places have a long history in England. “One Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 I am going to have to repair the farm drive In the depth of winter we begin to organise summer farm maintenance. This year we plan repairs to the farm drive.  We have a treelined avenue that Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 27th MARCH 2019 How a whisky magnate’s daughter fought to build a skyscraper that still takes the breath away  I must confess that I am not a huge fan of skyscrapers – or ‘cloud busters’ as they Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 The subsidies disappeared all at once – but farming on the bottom of the world is more profitable than ever The prospect of Britain’s departure from the Europe an Union is creating demand for Read More >

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 Slammed as a device of weak-wristed cads, a new ball managed to take over the entire sport within a few years Sports change – rules are modified, equipment is improved,  and skills are Read More >

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 13th MAY 2019 Established talent is being hoovered up – where are all the start-ups vying for their place?  Small real estate investment managers are becoming a critically endangered species across Europe as Read More >

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 10th MAY 2019 European commercial property has changed a lot in the last 30 years, and this building had a front-row seat for it all A recent ride up in the lift of Cœur Défense in Paris shouldn’t have been Read More >

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 24th APRIL 2019 And why other property professionals get lumped with the bad guy roles “I don’t build in order to have clients, I have clients in order to build!” raves Howard Roark, the architect hero of the Read More >

(Article originally published Summer 2018) Why agility is key for investors in dealing with new uncertainties Seattle is the only market I’ve ever seen advance from secondary to primary market status. There are a few other secondary Read More >

Originally published February 2018.  The UAE's appetite for attracting the great and the good (and sometimes the bad and the ugly) remains impressive. This week, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, hosted the first Milken Read More >

Originally published July 2018.  Since the rotating of shadows around rudimentary sticks planted in the ground, man has had an affinity for plotting the course of time. Different mechanisms, from sundials to pendulums and grandfather Read More >

Dawn no more than a sliver of grey light on the distant horizon. Darkness not going down without a fight. Shadows flickering hither and thither across the stable yard. Feeding done. Water buckets to fill. Ice on the ground. Puddles picked out in Read More >

Robert Parker. For years, the wine trade was in thrall to this most influential of wine journalists. If you were a ‘vigneron’, his score out of 100 could make or break your bottle; similarly, if you were a merchant, those same points might be Read More >

Derwent London, the company I have worked for over the last 34 years, have built a variety of office buildings over that period.  So, on this occasion, I’ve decided to choose one of them and add it to my list of favourite buildings. I Read More >

A writer introduces his three go-to reads – short stories by JD Salinger and Denis Johnson, and a volume of essays and reviews by Martin Amis For almost every author, writing fiction is not a commercial proposition. There are a few, Read More >

I am a LinkedIn new boy or, in the jargon, a late adopter. I didn’t join until last year, and now I realise that its main use is to approach total strangers with whom you might do business. What it is not is an interesting platform for Read More >

Activists who condemn all livestock agriculture indiscriminately might want to consider the ecological benefits of pasture. At Montague farm we raise organic, grass-fed, single-suckled beef cattle as well as naturally reared lambs. The Read More >

EPRA’s new best practice recommendations for NAV calculations, which kick in this January, introduce three discrete NAV measures to replace the old ones. Are you ready? It is well known that the UK listed sector (in aggregate) currently Read More >

The birthplace of the skyscraper overflows with famous buildings – but none as stunning as a lesser-known piece of architecture, Bertrand Goldberg’s brutalist ‘city within a city’ A recent architectural field trip with my company, Read More >

(Article originally published Summer 2018) Part one: What do recent rises in interest rates mean for property prices? US 10-year Treasury Bill rates have been at an all-time low, having fallen below 2% for the first time in 2017. UK Read More >


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