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What NZ farms can tell us about life after Brexit

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 The subsidies disappeared all at once – but farming on the bottom of the world is more profitable than ever The prospect of Britain’s departure from the Europe an Union is creating demand for comparative analyses o understand what life could be like on the outside. It is particularly instructive to compare British farming, which has significant government and EU intervention, with that of New Zealand – which is subsidy-free.  There are... Read More >

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What NZ farms can tell us about life after Brexit
ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 The subsidies disappeared all at once – but farming on the bottom of the world is more profitable than ever The prospect of Britain’s departure from the Europe an Union is creating demand for Read More >
Close-up of golf ball with club during sunset The great golf ball scandal of the early 20th century
ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SPRING 2019 Slammed as a device of weak-wristed cads, a new ball managed to take over the entire sport within a few years Sports change – rules are modified, equipment is improved,  and skills are Read More >
The death of the small European investment manager
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 13th MAY 2019 Established talent is being hoovered up – where are all the start-ups vying for their place?  Small real estate investment managers are becoming a critically endangered species across Europe as Read More >
The Parisian skyscraper that’s a bit like Forrest Gump
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 10th MAY 2019 European commercial property has changed a lot in the last 30 years, and this building had a front-row seat for it all A recent ride up in the lift of Cœur Défense in Paris shouldn’t have been Read More >
Hollywood’s love affair with the architect
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 24th APRIL 2019 And why other property professionals get lumped with the bad guy roles “I don’t build in order to have clients, I have clients in order to build!” raves Howard Roark, the architect hero of the Read More >
The Race for the Next Seattle
(Article originally published Summer 2018) Why agility is key for investors in dealing with new uncertainties Seattle is the only market I’ve ever seen advance from secondary to primary market status. There are a few other secondary Read More >
Transaction speeds
The market players are different and the transactions are significantly more complex than 30 years ago (Originally published Summer 2018) Perhaps the long hot summer in continental Europe is not the most prudent time to review how fast Read More >
Desert Diary Bush, Bitcoin and banter in Abu Dhabi and Ironmen on the beaches in Dubai
Originally published February 2018.  The UAE's appetite for attracting the great and the good (and sometimes the bad and the ugly) remains impressive. This week, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, hosted the first Milken Read More >
Vintage watches: cashing in on time The success of the automatic watch is largely attributed to its ease of use
Originally published July 2018.  Since the rotating of shadows around rudimentary sticks planted in the ground, man has had an affinity for plotting the course of time. Different mechanisms, from sundials to pendulums and grandfather Read More >
Traditional houses with grass on roof in Iceland Architecture without architects On Scandinavian design influences and how our surroundings affect us
Originally published on in November 2017 This title has been borrowed from Bernard Rudofsky, a Moravian-born American writer, architect, and social historian who published an influential book of the same name in 1964. It has the subtitle 'A Read More >
The trials and tribulations of owning horses A personal narrative of man and equine through the seasons
Dawn no more than a sliver of grey light on the distant horizon. Darkness not going down without a fight. Shadows flickering hither and thither across the stable yard. Feeding done. Water buckets to fill. Ice on the ground. Puddles picked out in Read More >
Elegance over power Wine retailers tell of requests for finesse rather than density
Robert Parker. For years, the wine trade was in thrall to this most influential of wine journalists. If you were a ‘vigneron’, his score out of 100 could make or break your bottle; similarly, if you were a merchant, those same points might be Read More >
White Collar Factory: the best of old and new
Derwent London, the company I have worked for over the last 34 years, have built a variety of office buildings over that period.  So, on this occasion, I’ve decided to choose one of them and add it to my list of favourite buildings. I Read More >
On the novelist’s nightstand
A writer introduces his three go-to reads – short stories by JD Salinger and Denis Johnson, and a volume of essays and reviews by Martin Amis For almost every author, writing fiction is not a commercial proposition. There are a few, Read More >
Prop. Notes: Our Proprietor invents the Marlon Brando test for industry awards and misses some old City ways
I am a LinkedIn new boy or, in the jargon, a late adopter. I didn’t join until last year, and now I realise that its main use is to approach total strangers with whom you might do business. What it is not is an interesting platform for Read More >
Not all animal farms are equal
Activists who condemn all livestock agriculture indiscriminately might want to consider the ecological benefits of pasture. At Montague farm we raise organic, grass-fed, single-suckled beef cattle as well as naturally reared lambs. The Read More >
Three types of NAV
EPRA’s new best practice recommendations for NAV calculations, which kick in this January, introduce three discrete NAV measures to replace the old ones. Are you ready? It is well known that the UK listed sector (in aggregate) currently Read More >
Marina City, Chicago’s hidden gem
The birthplace of the skyscraper overflows with famous buildings – but none as stunning as a lesser-known piece of architecture, Bertrand Goldberg’s brutalist ‘city within a city’ A recent architectural field trip with my company, Read More >
Bond Yields and Real Estate Prices – Where Next?
(Article originally published Summer 2018) Part one: What do recent rises in interest rates mean for property prices? US 10-year Treasury Bill rates have been at an all-time low, having fallen below 2% for the first time in 2017. UK Read More >


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