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With the government under pressure to tackle the UK homes shortage, social housing offers yield opportunities to high-net-worth investors. As a developer in the North of England dealing in high-volume but relatively inexpensive units, at the start of 2020 we anticipated continuing demand from the same high-net-worth clients and property funds, loosely based on several factors – low unit costs, the Northern Powerhouse, and rental yields that were higher than the overheated South of England.... Read More >

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Paying dividends is kind of important for a REIT, but some of them seem to have forgotten that lately. This is my 40th year following the sector as analyst, salesman and occasional corporate adviser. When I first started there were just four Read More >

If you plan to play the REITs game next year, here’s what you need to know. “Bad News for REIT Investors” … “Negative Ratings Bias Rises as North American REITs Confront Effects of Covid-19” … “From Bad to Worse for REITs” Read More >

This booming sector can help drive the UK recovery – and it’s hungry for space. The search for a covid-19 vaccine has shone a light on the life sciences sector and the many research institutions around the UK that have committed Read More >

Tim Green speaks with the chief executive of Howard Group, a Cambridge-based family-owned property company. Howard Group, where Nicholas Bewes has been chief executive since 1999, is a Cambridge-based family business established in 1935 and Read More >

“I haven’t been to my office now for several months.” “When I go to my office it’s only for a meeting.” “My office is my dining table.” Are the offices so many of us worked in for decades becoming an extinct space? Will we still Read More >

Many people concerned about the possibility of inflation caused by the debasement of currencies, such as myself, were strongly influenced by the 2009 book by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, This Time is Different, which catalogues the causes Read More >

Consumers won’t turn back from e-commerce now – so what do institutional investors need to know about the logistics property market? The influence of e-commerce on the daily life of many Americans became clear to me when my 92-year-old Read More >

London’s West End, the ultimate UK town centre and home to hundreds of impressive landmarks and just 65,000 residents, was hit by the pandemic harder than other parts of the capital. But the famous central London area is not just responding to Read More >

Whatever the coronavirus has done to the global economy, the effects are likely to be fairly short-term – aside from in aviation. At the start of 2020 we were convinced it would be a year of financial correction – a realisation of just Read More >

Australian is sometimes referred to as the lucky country. While a generalisation, Australian commercial real estate (CRE) has enjoyed strong investment demand from both local and offshore investors over the past decade. Over the ten years to Read More >

Asia Pacific property stocks lost ground in September as risk aversion gripped investors, ahead of a US presidential election and continued concerns that a global economic recovery remains volatile. Investors went on the defensive, even as Read More >

The UK needs a more nuanced approach to agricultural trade – let’s ditch the kneejerk reactions, for a start. I argued for Brexit. Don’t get me wrong: I could see the arguments on both sides, but working in agriculture, I knew the folly Read More >

Conversion to alternative uses may be the only path for some, but there are other options for the imaginative. Shropshire is the UK’s largest inland county – a fact of which many Salopians are strangely proud, and I know this because Read More >

The European real estate market environment remains incredibly uncertain. While the severity of the current recession is significantly worse than the global financial crisis, real estate markets have, at worst, been subdued. Outright distress Read More >

Rents are known to be volatile as demand and supply interact to create cycles. Rents are also known to vary enormously across properties based on their planning use class, location and condition. This article explores whether the rent setting Read More >

Asia Pacific’s real estate focused stocks outperformed in August, edging ahead of the wider market. This was led by the wider GPR/APREA Composite Listed Real Estate Index, which returned 5.8%, powered mainly by the Australian and Japanese Read More >

Global growth for BRIC economiesAnnual GDP growth forecast by IMF WEO, World Bank and EIU An era of globalisation that boosted economic growth in developing countries for many years is shifting to an era of deglobalisation with increased Read More >

Viewpoint from a regional investment agent: As I sit in my actual office, in front of my actual PC, I reflect on the first half of 2020 as a Bristol based investment agent, and conclude it was pretty much as expected and reflective of the UK Read More >

The last months have seen unprecedented change as all have faced up to the challenge of the pandemic. For many, it has meant working from home rather than the regular commute to the office. As we emerge to the new normal, however that is Read More >

The dividend has continued to increase without interruption, up from 65c to 70c. That’s 11 years of increase, and compares with 5.966c in 2006. Funds from operations (FFO) in the first half alone have increased by 4.1%, from 87c to 91c – Read More >

THIS IS THE FIFTH in a group of articles looking at the possible impact of a post-Brexit redistribution of fishing opportunities in the NE Atlantic –  and looks at Germany. It considers the same questions and uses the same Read More >

There are few forces more powerful than incentives. As usual Charlie Munger says it best: Well, I think I’ve been in the top 5% of my age cohort all my life in understanding the power of incentives, and all my life I’ve underestimated it. Read More >

It is time to look again at a subject which pops up every now and then and this morning has done exactly that. From The Guardian: The price of gold hit $1,865 per ounce for the first time since September 2011 this morning. Gold has surged Read More >

Last week witnessed a feeding frenzy from the crème de la crème of Wall Street’s smart money (and some Dubai’s smart money LOL!) to be part of the private market financing of Reliance Jio, the emerging supernova of India’s digital Read More >

After digesting the initial shock of the coronavirus and its economic disruption, analysts are starting to assess the longer term impact of the pandemic. Not surprisingly, there has been much speculation about how the world could emerge, often Read More >

Orthodox economics, we’re told more and more often these days, isn’t up to the task of dealing with a post-pandemic reality. The latest exemplar in the Observer complains, for instance, that old-fashioned economics relies too much on Read More >

Sometimes you spot something that you cannot let pass and that has happened this morning. There is an interesting article in the Financial Times Alphaville section by a couple of portfolio manager’s at Man Group suggesting inflation is coming. Read More >

In the run-up to his big speech yesterday, all the talk was of the Prime Minister promising a ‘Rooseveltian’ New Deal for Britain. Fortunately, when it came to it, he wasn’t promising anything of the sort. Why fortunately? A tale of two Read More >

My World: June 2021... This is part of a series of articles where our contributors describe how they think things will look a year from now. Thank goodness the world is getting on with funding & rebuilding fit for purpose global Read More >

My World: June 2021... This is part of a series of articles where our contributors describe how they think things will look a year from now. The industry will experience consolidation, with an acceleration of technology and more flexible Read More >

My world: June 2021... This is part of a series of articles where our contributors describe how they think things will look a year from now. Offices will recover, thanks to desk distancing needs, and logistics will thrive – but retail Read More >

My world: June 2021... This is part of a series of articles where our contributors describe how they think things will look a year from now. I have a teaching aid I use with new graduate students. I show them a graph that shows performance Read More >

The price level for German residential housing has remained so far unchanged since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, according to German consulting group F+B, whose CEO Bernd Leutner warned it would be wrong to make premature and knee-jerk Read More >

Farmers will gain new opportunities from carbon offsetting, which will change how land is used and valued Investors are increasingly familiar with the concept of stranded assets: previously investible assets that a changing framework makes Read More >

There will be no reversion to the norm – much retail property will keep losing value. But the sector can be better than ever, thanks to proptech A recent conversation with a large retailer went like this: “The market is tanking, Read More >

The Stamp Duty and BREXIT issues that have beset the UK housing market for the last 3 years feel like a walk in the park (no pun intended) when compared to the current economic paralysis. 2020 felt like a new start, a chance to reset the Read More >

Coronavirus, the Euro, the EU and Brexit: all are becoming inextricably intertwined. This can be seen with contagion of a separate sort threatening the EU’s – and thus the world’s – financial order, as the economic impact of Covid-19 Read More >

This is the third article in our series on how to develop an edge in the world of racehorse syndication. The first two articles reviewed the trials, triumphs and tribulations of racehorse syndicates, then finding a system to beat the market. The Read More >

In 2009 the GFC, which was responsible for severe asset value losses, resulted in a large funding gap between the debt position and the asset value. As this was essentially negative equity, fund managers were often struggling to attract either Read More >


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