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Looking into the past: women investors

The Historian

Recent scholarship on investment patterns during the 18th and 19th centuries in Britain has uncovered the role of women as investors. By the late 19th century, rising real wealth and the promise of higher returns coupled with lower risk led both men and women from a widening social spectrum, including the less affluent, to own stocks and shares. Among these women was Marian Evans, known to her reading public as George Eliot, among a select but growing number of middle-class investors investing in colonial stocks during 1860-80. This is evident from Eliot’s diaries for 1879-80, which lists dividends from stocks in Australia, South Africa, India and Canada (Henry, N (2001). George Eliot and the Colonies. Victorian Literature and Culture29(2), 413-433). 

The Historian

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Tehreem Husain is a doctoral candidate at the UCL Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management. She is a regular columnist for the business pages of Pakistan's English daily newspaper, The Express Tribune, and is a blogger for Huffington Post UK. Before moving to the UK, she worked as an economic analyst at the Monetary Policy department of the State Bank of Pakistan, the country's central bank.

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