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Have we reached peak Davos? A lot of the real global elite aren't going to Davos this year

The Economist

“The chairman of the People’s Vote campaign now joins us from Davos” announced a BBC Radio 4 interviewer yesterday.

No surprises there, then.

The World Economic Forum in Davos is precisely where one would expect to find the kind of people that want to overturn the EU referendum result. Davos types wouldn’t just cancel referendum results they don’t approve of. If they could if they would cancel the people.

When the World Economic Forum started out in the early 1970s, it began with lots of good intentions. It was supposed to be about improving the world.  An annual get-together, it was meant to allow the leaders of the day an opportunity to grapple with the great issues of the day.

Instead it has become a smug schmooze-fest. Its where lobbyists go to ingratiate themselves with supranational officials. FTSE 100 CEOs rub shoulders with former Prime Ministers in search of non-executive directorships. Thousands of officials, supranational executives and corporate bigwigs get together to exchange business cards and clichés.

Except of course this year it turns out that quite a few of the real global elite aren’t coming.

Donald Trump, who gave a key note speech at Davos last year, has cancelled. He’s sending a slimmed down US delegation instead. Neither is China’s Xi Jinping going to be there. India’s Modi, Britain’s May and France’s Macron have all pulled out, too.

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