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Investing in Agriculture – what should you think about? If agriculture needs subsidies to be viable, don’t go there

Most of us have probably heard that the we need to increase food production by 70% to feed the world in 2050.  Sounds impressive.  Sounds like an opportunity to make some money. Agriculture is the new black! Add to that the lack of correlation between agricultural returns and most other asset classes (see table) and […]

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Australian dairy farms – the bull run is on How has Australian dairy farming come of age?

The global agricultural investment spotlight has moved ‘down under’ and is fixed firmly on the Australian dairy farm sector. Long overlooked as the ‘poor cousin’ of the agricultural sector, Australian dairy is now coming of age. Cattle stations, broad-acre cropping properties, wool and lamb-producing grazing properties and permanent row crops like citrus and almond orchards have been […]

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